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Plastics Extrusion Market is Poised for Growth due to Expansion of Plastic Industry

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Published on : May 21, 2020

Plastics extrusion refers to a high-volume manufacturing process through which raw plastic is melted to produce a continuous profile. Extrusion process makes items like wire insulation, fencing, thermoplastic coatings, window frames, pipe/tubing, deck railings, weather stripping, and sheeting.

Plastic extrusion process is utilized in the three basic methods of producing a plastic part – blow molding, extrusion, and injection molding. Each of the processes is different from the other one. Blow molding is regarded as a continuous process, extrusion a continuous one, and injection molding is a discontinuous one.

Sealed Air Corporation, Reifenhäuser GmbH & Co. KG Maschinenfabrik, Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera SpA, UNION Officine Meccaniche SpA, Milacron Holdings Corp, and Windsor Machines Limited are some of the key market vendors in the global plastics extrusion market.
Asia Pacific to Remain at the Forefront Market Growth
The global plastics extrusion market has been divided into five key geographies. These regional segments comprise North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Region-based analysis provides a detailed understanding of the market trends, drivers, opportunities, and threats at regional level.

Asia Pacific has been one of the rapidly growing regional market in the global plastics extrusion market in the past and the region is likely to retain its dominance over the timeframe of forecast. Rapid industrialization together with rise in the number of available skilled workforce is favoring growth of the plastics extrusion market in the years to come.

Rise in disposable income together with propensity to spend is likely to bolster demand for various consumer goods, which , in turn, is likely to generate demand for plastics. This factor is likely to influence the Asia Pacific plastics extrusion market considerably over the period of study.

Increased Demand for PVC in the Construction Industry to Bolster Demand
The global plastics extrusion market is primarily driven by the growing demand of the process to cater to the varying needs of the several end use industries. Extrusion refers to a constant process of turning powder or pellet, solid plastic mass into a melted form. This melted form is then pushed through a die to convert it into a shape, which is then made to go through many secondary operations.

These secondary operations cool down then the shape, then cut it, and then coil it. Pipe or pelletizing, blown or cast film, and sheet comprise the sub-process of the extrusion process. Output of the plastic extrusion process is utilized in the making of food storage containers, drinking cups, and films used for packaging of grocery items.

Packaging industry is one of the important applications of the extrusion products. The term packaging comprises a wide spectrum of products such as shrink and stretch films, bags and sacks, and plastic films. It mostly includes films that are utilized for the packaging of both food stuffs and non-food ones as well. Non-food comprises textiles, cosmetics, stationeries, hygiene products, and the like.

Growing popularity of flexible packaging is driven the increasing preference for consumer preference. An emerging trend toward smaller packages is also likely to add to the consumer convenience. These trends in the packaging industry are likely to influence growth of the global plastics extrusion market over the assessment tenure.

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Construction industry is another prominent end-use sector of the global plastics extrusion market. Plastic extrusion process is also used in making of plastic pipes, which draws out wastewater from both residential and commercial buildings. Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC is one of the most important and widely used product in the construction industry. PVC is an important outcome of the plastics extrusion process. As such, with the expansion of the construction industry, the use of PVC is likely to rise, which is likely to drive the expansion of the global plastics extrusion market in the forthcoming years.