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Need for Resilient Packaging to Drive Demand within Global PET Plastic Packaging Market

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Published on : Feb 27, 2020

The demand within the global PET plastic packaging market is expected to rise alongside advancements in the packaging industry. The use of PET packaging across a multitude of industries has garnered the attention of end-users. Furthermore, properties of PET have become well-known amongst packaging units and industrial planners. This factor has also given a thrust to the growth of the global PET plastic packaging market. Redundancy of other packaging technologies has invariably influenced demand within the market in question. Research related to polyesters has also gained momentum in recent times, and this trend shall pave way for fresh revenues within the market. 

Several entities have, time and again, promoted the benefits of using PET packaging. Amcor recently launched its ‘Choose Plastic; initiative in order to educate and inform customers on the use of plastic packaging. In this quest, Amcor is extensively promoting PET plastic packaging across several online and offline channels. Furthermore, the entity has a dedicated web page and several brochures to educate the masses about their campaign. Amcor claims that PET is infinitely recyclable and helps in reducing transportation costs. The new campaign is expected to cause formidable disruptions across the global PET plastic packaging market

Some of the prominent vendors operating in the global PET plastic packaging market are Amcor, Cospak, Ontario, Plastic Container producers, Gepack, and Gerresheimer.

A report added by Researchmoz on the global PET plastic packaging market is a sound representation of the forces that have aided market growth. This market is characterised by multiple end-use industries, and a large playfield of opportunities for the market vendors. However, the global uproar against plastic usage could hamper the growth of the global PET plastic packaging market. The next decade would be crucial in ascertaining a direction of growth for this market. 

Distinct Properties of Polyesters

The physical and chemical properties of PET have created quite a buzz across the packaging industry. Several research initiatives meant to study the properties of PET have pointed to its superior properties. The lightweight of the material is the most important consideration for packaging entities. Besides, the strength of polyesters has also captured the attention of the end-users. Therefore, the global PET plastic packaging market is poised to tread along a lucrative pathway in the years to follow. PET helps in retaining the freshness of packaged products, another key driver of market demand. 

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Use of PET in Food Packaging

The use of PET plastic packaging for bottles, containers, and jars has created fresh opportunities for market vendors. The market players are capitalising on increasing the production of jars and containers, and this could help them foray into new growth paradigms. Furthermore, use of PET plastic packaging in the food and beverages industry has also unravelled new opportunities for growth. The ability of PET to maintain the freshness and hygienic appeal of the packaged food products has played a key part in driving demand. Therefore, the growth of the food and beverages industry shall aid the growth of the global PET plastic packaging market. 

Growth of Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry has undergone palpable advancements in recent times. The industry has become increasingly inclined towards widening its product portfolio in order to cater to wider groups. Therefore, packaging of cosmetics has also taken a new turn in recent times. Use of PET plastic packaging in this industry has impelled the growth of the global market. Moreover, use of PET plastic packaging for homecare products shall also bring in humongous revenues into the market.