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Introduction of New Therapies and Growing Rate of Drug Treatment to Drive Global Parkinson’s Disease Market

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Published on : Nov 25, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Nov 25, 2016: This study encapsulates an extensive understanding of the Parkinson’s disease market. All the factors influencing the development of this market have been thoroughly studied under this report. The study also presents coverage of disease clinical trials by sponsor type, end point status, trial status, phase, country (G7 and G8), and regions. 

The clinical trials been reviewed in this study have been collated from 80+ news, journals, conferences, clinical registries, etc. The top companies operating in this market have also been reviewed and the latest news in the market has been presented through this study. The report assists in making top business strategies related to investment in the global Parkinson’s disease market. A review on all the unaccomplished trials such as withdrawn, terminated, and suspended trials with the respective reasons of their accomplishments has also been included in this study. 

Parkinson’s disease (PD) refers to a progressive and chronic movement or neurodegenerative disorder in which the brain’s vital nerve cells called as neurons, either malfunction or die. Parkinson’s majorly has an impact on the neurons within the brain’s area known as substantia nigra. This disease’s cause is primarily unknown and it has no cure till date, however numerous treatment options such as surgery and medications are still available for the treatment of this disease. 

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The Parkinson’s disease market is anticipated to experience growth owing to the introduction of new therapies and the growing rate of drug treatment because of the rising healthcare expenditure globally. The increasing consumption of pesticides through various food items and the globally rising aging population will also boost the market for Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, the growing level of exposure to toxins and the increasing male population globally will bode well for the development of the market. On the other hand, the growing risk of developing Melanoma, the limitations in current treatment, and generic erosion may work against the development of the global Parkinson’s disease market. 

A dedicated section of this report encapsulates all the clinical trials taking place in the market and their enrollment in terms of region and country. Under this section, the market has been studied in terms of regions such as Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Central and South America, and the Middle East and Africa. In the next part of the report, the latest clinical trials’ news on Parkinson’s disease has been presented. As per the report, Anavex Life Sciences Drug exhibits efficacy for supporting potential disease modification in Parkinson’s disease, while Anavex Life Sciences Drugs exhibit efficacy to back potential disease modification within Parkinson’s disease. Likewise, similar other news on the Parkinson’s disease global clinical trials form a key part of this section of the study.

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