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Rapid Industrialization to Augment Growth in Paper Edge Protectors Market

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Published on : Sep 24, 2019

The global paper edge protectors market is expected to surge at a robust rate during the forecast period 2019 to 2029, reveals a TMR report. 

The rapid industrialization is expected to drive the global page protector market due to the rising demand for protecting goods and consignments during loading and unloading in the various industries. 

Packaging Sector to Strengthen Paper Edge Protector Market 

The major consumer of the paper edge protectors is packaging and logistics sector, thus, this may result in the grand expansion of the global paper edge protectors market. These protectors are the idea way to ensure safe and secure protection to the goods during the transit or shipment. They protect the consignment from strapping, dents, and other damages while handling 

These protectors increase the durability and stack strength of the goods and make it viable for shipping across the regions and countries. As a result, the global page protector market may witness a grand expansion in the upcoming years. 

These paper edge protectors come in various sizes and width, they are weather and moisture resistant. These makes them an obvious choice for packing and packaging needs, thus, might contribute towards the expansion of the global paper edge protectors market. 

They have a wide applicability across the industrial sector such as metal industry, construction industry, consumer goods industry, furniture industry, and construction industry. They are the ideal choice for all these industries when it comes to shipment, thus, acting as catalysts in the growth of the global paper edge protectors market.

These are made from recycled paperboard, thus their sustainability is another factor that may drive the global paper edge protectors market.

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Some of the key players in the market include Sonoco Products Company, Kunert Gruppe, , Packaging Corporation of America,  Napco National, and Konfida, Cascades Inc. 

Asia Pacific to Lead Market 

Asia Pacific is likely to lead the global paper edge protectors market during the forecast period. This is mainly due swift industrialization and urbanization in India and China and other developing nations.