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Ability to Prevent Bacterial Growth to Bolster Demand in Ozone Therapy in Dermatology Market

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Published on : Nov 15, 2019

Ozone when is in its gaseous state is harmful for human tissues and cells. However, when in liquid or aqueous form, it acts as a therapeutic alternative. Recently a report was presented by reseachmoz.us, titled, “Ozone Therapy in Dermatology Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2019 – 2027.” As studies claiming the adequacy of ozone therapy in preventing bacterial development started drawing attention, the system created a stir in the advisors and doctors over the world. Nevertheless, transformation, in the genuine sense, was driven by Dr. Hänsler, from Germany who designed the primary ozone generator which turned into a stepping stone for different doctors. 

This report on the utilization of ozone therapy in dermatology gives a point by point investigation of the market engaging quality, by analyzing the different segments in the market. The report on global ozone therapy in dermatology market, in turn, covers a regional analysis for comprehending the supply and demand proportion of the ozone therapy utilized for dermatology applications. 

Rising Cases of Skin Ailments to Fuel Demand Across Globe

Ozone has several applications and is very effective in treating chronic ailments for example, diabetes, cardiovascular infection, chronic hepatitis, Lyme ailment, chronic fatigue, herpes, chemical sensitivity, interminable bladder conditions, macular degeneration, immune system illnesses, colitis, and Crohn's disease. 

Ozone therapy is fundamentally helpful in the treatment of different skin illnesses, for example, skin break out, dermatitis, pimples, and herpes. This is a leading factor boosting the development of the global ozone therapy in dermatology market. 

As per FDA, US, ozone is considered harmful with no significant healthcare application in preventive, adjunctive, or particular therapy. Moreover, the exposure to ozone over a reasonable degree can lead to health issues. But, in a few states with state-centric regulations, laws regulating the utilization of non-allopathic prescriptions support ozone therapy for the treatment of some ailments. Likewise, the American Academy of Ozonotherapy is providing training courses on ozone therapy along with rising awareness regarding the antibacterial properties results in consistent growth in the global ozone therapy in dermatology market in coming years. 

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In terms of application, the global ozone therapy in dermatology market is classified into Herpes, eczema, acneiform eruption, mycosis, psoriasis, and others. Among these, in 2018, herpes segment led the entire ozone therapy in dermatology market. Rising predominance of herpes-kind of infections and the patients with herpes preferring ozone therapy treatment because of pain management techniques are relied upon to boost the segment growth in the ozone therapy in dermatology market in the forthcoming years. 

Europe to Lead in Future Due to Increasing Popularity of Ozone Therapy

Geographically, Europe in terms of revenue, is anticipated to lead the overall ozone therapy in dermatology market during 2019 to 2027. This can be attributed to the popularity of ozone therapy in dermatology in nations of Europe. The emergence of leading players coupled with an increase in investments in research activities, and marketing for the launch of ozone therapy items support the development of the European ozone therapy in dermatology market. Moreover, Asia Pacific in 2018, was a leading market for ozone therapy in dermatology. This growth graph can be credited to increasing number of dermatology clinics.

Some of the leading players operating in the global ozone therapy in dermatology market are Zotzmann + Stahl GmbH + Co. KG, MEDOZONS Ltd., The Ozone Company, Ozolabs, LLC, Promolife, O3organics, Dr. J. Hänsler GmbH, Humares GmbH, and Apoza Enterprise Co., Ltd. to name a few.