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Quest to Enhance Brand Image and Develop Loyalty Amongst Customers Upticks Demand Within Outdoor Advertising Market

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Published on : Mar 07, 2018

ALBANY, New York, March 07, 2018: The global market for outdoor advertising has been tracing and escalating growth path over the years. Advertising has been a major component of marketing, and has become an indispensable business strategy of local, national, and international brands. In simple terms, outdoor advertising refers to the practice of informing the consumers about a particular set of products while these consumers are out of their homes. This means that outdoor advertising resorts to several channels such as billboards, passageways, public places, and other out-of-the-house areas to promote and glorify their products. The modes of advertising used for outdoor advertising have been particularly effective because they do not coerce the customers to buy a brought. Instead, these modes of advertising employ creative ways of portraying a brand in order to persuade a consumer.

The report has collected data through modes of primary, secondary, and tertiary research in order to make projections about the market’s future. Several market performance indicators such as market value, growth rate, and regional market share have been estimated to quantify the growth of the market. 

Companies have become increasing wary of establishing an iconic brand for themselves. In order to retain a long-term consumer base, the companies need to ensure that the consumers connect with their brand. Outdoor advertising plays a major role in infiltrating the relevance of a product in the lives of the consumers by constantly reminding them of the pros of a product. This is done through billboard adverts, transit advertising, street furniture, and alternative advertising. 

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The focus of outdoor advertising is to keep regurgitating the relevance of a product for the consumers in order to create a buzz around it. It also ensures that the loyal customers are constantly reminded of innovations in products; the concept is to never slip out of the minds of the consumers. Owing to the aforementioned factors, the market for outdoor advertising has been thriving, and as companies become more conscious about their image, the market demand would propel further. Some of the key advantages this form of advertising also include quicker reach, targeting mass audiences, generating large-scale impact, and converting viewers into customers. The growth of display technologies coupled with the rise in the urban population is also expected to drive the market for outdoor advertising. 

Although the market has been witnessing substantial demand in recent times, certain factors such as the growth of the tourism industry could hamper growth. Moreover, outdoor advertisements have hurt the sentiments of the public due to their inappropriate execution, which has often posed questions on this form of advertising. Governments have also imposed restraints on this form of advertising, which could hamper market growth. However, the rising investments in infrastructure would offer tremendous opportunities to market players by creating growth spaces within the market. 

Geographically, the market is segmented into Australia, U.S., Canada, and the U.K. The report analyses each of these regions and measures the net contribution of each regional market to the global market.  A growth trajectory for every region has also been forecasted for each of the regional market. 

The leading market players are Lamar Advertising Company,iHeartMedia Inc. (Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.), Outfront Media Inc., and JCDecaux.

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