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Rise Incidences of Lactose Intolerance to Drive Global Organic Soymilk Market

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Published on : Nov 10, 2020

Soy milk or soymilk refers to a plant-based drink that is made by soaking and then crushing soybeans, boiling the crushed mixture of soybeans, and then finally filtering out the particulates that are left in there. Soymilk is a stable emulsion of protein, water, and oil. Soymilk is a natural byproduct that is obtained in the process of making of tofu. 

The nutrient content of soymilk is equivalent to the one that is found in the milk of cows. In addition to being absolutely a vegan and cholesterol free product, organic soymilk also comes with isoflavones. Several researches suggest that isoflavones are antioxidants and are able to diminish inflammation in the body. It might also posses anti-cancer affects. Organic soymilk is increasingly used as a substitute of dairy milk and it is becoming increasingly popular amongst people with intolerance toward lactose. This factor plays an important role in influencing the growth of the global organic soymilk market.

The organic soymilk market is substantially fragmented with the presence of many market players. All of the players are vying for greater presence and wider reach in the market. Weiwei Group, NOW Foods, Wyeth, LLC, Enfamil, and Unifood Int'l (S) Pte Ltd are some of the prominent players in the global organic soymilk market.
Asia Pacific to Exhibit Rapid Growth of the Market over the Forecast Years
The global organic soymilk market has been categorized broadly into the five key territories of North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. The need for territory-based segmentation lies in the importance of an in-depth assessment of the regional markets over the years of projection.

North America is one of the prominent regions in the global organic soymilk market due to the rising inclination toward healthy lifestyle and prevalence of obesity. Soymilk plays an important role in reducing the waist circumference and helps in fighting obesity.  Asia Pacific has come up as another rapidly growing region in the global organic soymilk market. Rising incidences of in lactose intolerance together with rising disposable income, the organic soymilk market in Asia Pacific is expected to garner considerable traction in the Asia Pacific region.

Growing Awareness about Galactose Maintenance in Body to Stoke up Demand in the Market
The global organic soymilk market is primarily driven by the rise in the number of people suffering from lactose intolerance. The demand for lactose-free food items has been on constant rise as lactose-free food is easy to digest. Even people without lactose intolerance are opting for such food products. This factors plays an important role in bolstering the demand for organic soymilk in the market over the years of projection.

There has been a rise in the awareness amongst consumers regarding the benefits of maintaining a level of galactose in the body. Galactose can rapidly and metabolize to glucose completely in liver. Galactose plays the role of a substrate for mucoproteins, gangliosides, and cerebrosidesin the nervous system and brain. As such, it supports the immunological and neural role of the body. As such, galactose is vital for the proper functioning of the body. Excess of galactose can lead to serious oxidative damage to the cells of the body. The need to maintain galactose level in the body is expected to play an important role in the global organic soymilk market in the years to come.

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In addition, manufactuers are trying to bring on various innovative products such as calcium fortified organic sormilk in the market. Different flavors of organic soymilk and organic soymilk-based products are likely to support expansion of the global organic soymilk market in the years to come. 

On the other hand, availability of substitutes such as coconut milk, almond milk are likely to impede the growth of the global organic soymilk market. However, growing popularity of chocolate-flavored, vanilla-flavored, strawberry-flavored organic soymilk amongst the children is likely to offer new avenues of growth for the global organic soymilk market in near future.