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Rising Demand for Convenience Food to Broaden Potato Starch Market

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Published on : Sep 06, 2019

The global potato market is expected to witness a moderate growth in the upcoming years. Potato starch is used in various applications in food industry. Due to fast paced lifestyle people prefer convenience food, thus pushing the growth opportunities in the global organic potato starch market

Potato starch has a wide application; it is being used in not just food industry but also in areas like pharmaceutical, textile, pulp and paper industry etc. Therefore, the market is expected to witness a healthy growth in the upcoming years. 

Textile Industry to Strengthen Potato Starch Market 

Potato starch is extensively used in textile industry for warp sizing, thus, results in the growth of the global potato starch market. 

Potato starch enhances the quality of thread or yarn used in textile and gives a unique texture to fabric. It also has strong adhesive properties which allow washing with hot alkaline water after the weaving process. This could result in the expansion of the global potato starch market in the upcoming years. 

Price fluctuations of potatoes due to unfavorable climatic or economic conditions may dampen the growth in the global potato starch market. Irrespective of constraints, the food industry is projected to contribute towards the expansion of the potato starch market. The growth can be attributed to the product’s properties such as improved viscosity, texture, and capability of meeting organoleptic properties. 

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Asia Pacific to Dominate Global Potato Starch Market 

The global potato market is expected to be largely influenced by Asia Pacific. The growth could be from India and China due to large scale textile market and increasing disposable income of population that demand for convenience and ready to eat food. India is also a second largest exporter of textile and apparel in the global index.