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Global Optical Imaging Market to be Driven by Wide Use of Digital Technologies for Diagnostic Applications

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Published on : Jan 31, 2017

ALBANY, New York, January 31, 2017: This report offers an in-depth analysis of key market dynamics, current trends, growth prospects, major challenges faced by market players, and the key strategies adopted by them to consolidate their market positions. The recent product innovations and emerging technologies that shape up the competitive landscape of the global optical imaging market are covered in the analysis. The research report estimates the global optical imaging market to rise at a CAGR of 8.22% during the period 2017-2021.

The research study provides a comprehensive insight into key drivers and the factors that restrain the growth of the global optical imaging market in various regions. The market growth is mainly driven by the increasing penetration of digital technologies in medical optical imaging for better diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Coupled with this, the growing demand for non-invasive, safer, and more efficient diagnostic modalities are anticipated to significantly boost the global demand. In addition, the rising incidence of skin, eye, and neurological disorders will stimulate the growth of the optical imaging market in various regions. The rising demand for radiation-free devices in oncology and the adoption of cloud-based technologies in the healthcare sector are the major factors expected to stimulate the demand for optical imaging devices. The report provides a detailed assessment of the key development trends and their impact on the dynamics of different market segments.

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This report highlights the major challenges constraining the growth of the global optical imaging market. Stringent government regulations related to various drug discovery applications along with high installation cost of medical imaging devices are the factors expected to restrain the growth in some regions; budget constraints in the healthcare sector have led to a slow market growth in these regions. Furthermore, lack of proper reimbursement policies for patients availing novel optical imaging modalities, particularly in developing countries, is likely to hinder the growth of the global optical imaging market to some extent. 

The study provides a detailed segmentation of the optical imaging market and analyzes the market share and size of these segments. The research report segments the global optical imaging market on the basis of product type, technique, application, end user, and geography. Key regions covered in the report are the Americas, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). 

Applying Porter’s five forces analysis, the report delineates various factors that shape up the competitive landscape, which will be helpful for market players to devise impactful business strategies. This report offers comprehensive overview of the vendor landscape, which covers the product offerings of the prominent market players along with the novel imaging technologies adopted by them. 

Major vendors profiled in the report include ZEISS, Leica Microsystems, TOPCON, Bruker, Canon, Edmund Optics, Headwall Photonics, Electro-Optical Imaging, Michelson Diagnostics, Medtronic, NinePoint Medical, and Miltenyi Biotec. The report provides their detailed profile, key offerings, market share and size, growth opportunities and market threats, and measures taken by them to overcome these threats.

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