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Global Optical Coatings Market Growth Promoted by Increasing Usage in Booming Solar Power Industry

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Published on : Apr 13, 2017

Albany, New York, April 13, 2017: The report on both inert and dynamic aspects of the market in order to create a holistic snapshot of its current profile as well as a prediction for how the market is expected to be shaped over the coming years. To calculate the market size and values, the report incorporates details from the market’s revenue generation charts in terms of optical coating sales.

According to the report, the key factor promoting the growth of the global optical coatings market at the moment, is an incremental demand for the optical coatings in the solar power industry. The growing importance given to solar power is creating a whole new world of opportunities related to the industry, including the manufacturers and distributors of optical coatings. Developments and innovations in optical coatings are also being encouraged keeping the solar power industry in perspective.

However, the global optical coatings market is currently being restrained by the volatility of costs of its raw materials. The availability of these raw materials can be an unpredictable field, causing suppliers as well as manufacturers of optical coatings several inconveniences. The region of the manufacturer also plays an important part in this picture, as some regions will be short on raw materials in terms of local production rates. At the same time, the global optical coatings market is experiencing a positive trend in terms of increased expenditure and investment in research and development efforts. This added focus could help generate other avenues for manufacturing processes, raw materials usage efficiency, and help improve the overall scope of applications for optical coatings.

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Geographically speaking the report covers all key regions currently involved in the global optical coatings market, while also highlighting the regions that are expected to show a greater scope of growth in the near future. The key regions explained in the report include Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and a collective segment of the remaining regions of the world.

Optical coating, the thin uniform layer that covers any optical surface, is important as it helps impart modifications or improvements to the optical properties of the surface. Optical coatings can modify the transmittance, reflectance, polarizing properties, and absorbance indices of an optical surface, thereby increasing their scope of use. The most commonly used optical coatings materials are metalling or dielectric in nature, and the most common optical surfaces that are coated include glass, polymers, metals, and plastic substrates.

Of the handful of globally prominent players in the global optical coatings market, the leaders in the market at the moment are Artemis Optical, Newport, PPG Industries, SCHOTT, and ZEISS. Other popular players in the market include Abrisa Technologies, AccuCoat, Align Optics, and Viavi Solutions.

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