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Oppo Smartphones Shows Growth in Share Despite Market Saturation

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Published on : Jun 02, 2016

ALBANY, New York, June 02, 2016: The report aims to formulate conclusive insights on the growth rate of OPPO Electronics Corp. in the smartphones segment of consumer electronics and telecommunications. The report analyzes the latest developments that have occurred in the China smartphone market and highlights the progress that OPPO has been making in it over the recent past. The report pays special focus on the various products launched and the market strategies employed by OPPO and how they have helped the company increase its share in the China smartphone market as well as the company’s expansion on the global front.

OPPO Electronics Corp. is a China-based manufacturer of electronics, headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong. The company was founded in 2004 and was a registered entity in 2001, and has registered the brand name of “OPPO” in multiple global regions. The company primarily makes consumer electronics such as Blu-ray players, smartphones, amplifiers, and headphones. Currently, OPPO has divisions in China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Mora, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

According to the report, the China smartphone market had neared its saturation in 2015. Most of the key players were losing positive market momentum in comparison to the recent past. Two of the top players, Xiaomi and Lenovo, were witnessing dramatically lower sales as opposed to their expected growth rates. On the other hand, OPPO was virtually unhindered by the market saturation in terms of growth rates. Currently OPPO is the fourth-largest smartphone vendor in China. The report focuses on the manner in which OPPO proliferated into the commercial sector since its inception.

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The report includes an introductory passage that covers the China smartphone market as an overview, in conjunction to the rate of growth shown by OPPO. This includes brief notes on the slowdown experienced by top players and the overall growth rate displayed by OPPO.

The report delves into the product strategies adopted by OPPO, especially the design concepts that were created with the female consumer base in mind. This includes the perspectives of pricing models and product differentiation. OPPO primarily sells mid-range or high-end phones in terms of cost and uses design concepts such as a slim chassis, flash charging, and rotating cameras to attract consumers. The report also describes the various steps taken by the electronics company towards improving user experience and product safety.

It also directly compares prices of several top players in the China smartphone market to OPPO in terms of specifications and prices. According to the report, the prices of OPPO phones are not entirely favorable when compared to other branded phones with similar specs.

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