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New Report Studies OpenStack Platform and Explores its Growing Popularity

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Published on : Jun 28, 2016

ALBANY, New York, June 28, 2016: ResearchMoz.us is a leading collector of market intelligence reports based on several industry verticals. The latest report to be introduced into its ICT domain is titled “OpenStack, the compelling cloud platform.” This report of 35 pages explains exactly why OpenStack is set to be one of the most major cloud computing platforms in the market today and its overall effect on the ICT industry.

OpenStack is an open source software that makes available a free cloud computing platform. It is one of the biggest free implementations of infrastructure-as-a-service and incorporates multiple components that are used to control the various functions of a data center. These include resource networking, data storage, and data processing, all of which can be performed using OpenStack.

OpenStack allows users to deploy virtual machines in order to manage multiple tasks within a cloud-based environment. One of the biggest advantages of deploying OpenStack is the ease with which a user can achieve horizontal scaling.

Being an open source software, OpenStack shows the potential of having multitudes of developers working on it at the same time, thereby forming a community dedicated to this cloud platform. They can tweak the platform as they desire and even share the results with others who might be looking for the same. As a result, the development rates of OpenStack can be extremely high.

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The nine major components of OpenStack are Nova, Swify, Cinder, Neutron, Horizon, Keystone, Glance, Ceilometer, and Heat. Each core component plays a key role in the functioning of OpenStack.

Some of the major concerns surrounding OpenStack that are addressed in the report include the whys and hows of OpenStack’s popularity, the relation between it and all the other cloud-based platforms, and the overall effect that OpenStack is expected to have on the future of telecommunications.

The report addresses all these queries in two phases. In the first section of the report, the users receive a complete description of OpenStack and the advantages that they might gain from implementing it. The second half of the report deals with details on the various competitors of OpenStack, its supporters, and the vendors present in the market currently.

As per the data in the report, the five major types of supporters of OpenStack are the different software companies, pure players, IT equipment vendors, Internet-based key players, and network equipment vendors. This section also speaks about the other cloud providers. These may be either open source or proprietary.

In terms of OpenStack’s effect on telecom, the report utilizes different perspectives through which the open source cloud platform can be applied. In the report, the analysts have discussed the top adopters of OpenStack development. The report also includes data on the high level of involvement of telecoms in creating a carrier-grade platform using OpenStack.

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