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Published on : Oct 12, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Oct 12, 2016: The report presents an overview of the trends prevalent in the online and mobile shopping market in the U.S. and the changes that are likely to occur in the market based on the online purchases of the current online shoppers. 

The report evaluates the transitions that have occurred in the mobile and online marketplace of the U.S.  It also analyses the factors that are likely to push the growth of the online and mobile market in the U.S. or inhibit the progress over the forthcoming years. The study further reviews the frequency of mobile and online shopping, attitude towards retailer and shipping selection, pre-purchase process, categories purchased, and cart size. 

The study states that the rise in mobile and online shopping in the U.S. can be credited to the online purchase of products such as groceries, clothing, and furniture that were conventionally purchased in-store. According to the report, the increasing ownership of tablets and smartphones and the growing number of households with broadband connectivity are factors that are likely to push online and mobile sales in the U.S. 

The report presents an evaluation of the extent of online and mobile shopping transactions on Amazon. The study states that in the second quarter of 2016, the incidence of online grocery shopping still had a scope for growth as grocery shopping was not popular among online shoppers. Although this segment is likely to exhibit convincing growth as more shoppers are gaining awareness about the benefits of online grocery shopping. 

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The study also presents an overview of the parental status of consumers engaged in online shopping and the time they spent on it along with the upcoming opportunities that online shopping companies can capitalize on. It also highlights the fact that the sales of groceries and furniture are likely to increase online although the number of buyers are likely to stay the same. This change is likely to occur due to the inclination of existing online shoppers towards online and mobile grocery shopping. 

The report further assesses the engagement of urban households, high-income consumers, and youth with online shopping and the amount spent on it. It also states the frequency of online shopping by these categories of shoppers. The fast-growing retail sector in the U.S. is a factor that is anticipated to accelerate mobile and online shopping in the upcoming years

The study also presents an insight into the technology used for mobile and online shopping and the population engaged in the same in the U.S. It further analyzes the growth in sales of selected online retailers and the factors that are likely to inhibit online sales in the near future. The last section of the report presents an outlook of the purchasing process, shopping preferences, and the logistics preferences of retailers. 

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