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Nuclear Power Market of China to be Driven by Government Efforts aimed at Reducing Dependence on Coal-Fired Power Plants

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Published on : Jul 21, 2015

Albany, New York, July 16, 2015: ResearchMoz has recently announced the addition of a new research report on the nuclear power market of China to its database. The report is titled “Nuclear Power in China, Market Outlook to 2025, Update 2015 - Capacity, Generation, Power Plants, Investment Trends, Regulations and Company Profiles”. The report contains historical data for the 2001-2014 period and presents a forecast for the period 2015-2025 period.

The report discusses the global nuclear power market and presents a detailed analysis of the power market scenario in China. Power generation methodologies such as thermal conventional, large hydro, pumped storage, and renewable energy are also studied along with nuclear power. The implications of other power generation methodologies are considered while forecasting the future of the nuclear power generation market, which is playing an increasingly important role in the overall energy scenario in the country.

Currently, there are 20 active nuclear reactors in China, with 28 more under construction. Around 10 nuclear reactors are expected to begin operation between 2017 and 2025, adding a total of 9.56 gigawatts (GW) to the country’s current nuclear power capacity.

2014 saw China make a huge impact on the global nuclear power industry by including three more reactors to add nearly 3.2 GW to the country’s current nuclear power output. Alongside these new reactors, the Chinese government has also furthered its investments in two nuclear power units; in February 2014, the Chinese government announced investments of nearly $5.1 billion in the construction and development of two new nuclear power units at the Haiyang facility. 

The Chinese government is showing such strong support to the development of the nuclear power market in the country to further its efforts to reduce air pollution induced by fossil fuel- and coal-fired power plants.

The report highlights the policy framework governing the nuclear power generation market of China, with a snapshot of the global regulatory framework putting the development of the country’s nuclear power market in context.

The market is studied based on factors such as installed capacity, generation trends, installed capacity share by contractor/owner, installed capacity by reactor type, and major active and upcoming projects. The report presents a detailed study of the various major deals observed over the historical analysis period in the market. These deals are studied based on criteria such as venture capitalists, asset finance, mergers, acquisitions, private equity (PE), debt offerings, equity offerings, and partnerships.

The report is an effective market study that can enhance the decision making capability of businesses in a rapid and effective manner. It can help businesses identify the key growth and investment opportunities in the nuclear power market of China. Based on the comprehensive historical and projected data, the report is an effective way to facilitate business decision making. 

The report highlights the numerous trends that have shaped the nuclear power market to its current form over the historical period, and the current trends that will shape the market’s future. The report provides details of market size of major nuclear power generation equipment, details regarding the active nuclear reactors in China and detailed profiles of key market participants.

The report also presents a comprehensive picture of China’s nuclear power market’s competitive landscape. The report includes detailed business profiles of the key businesses operating in the market. Company profiles are based on criteria such as company overview, head offices, major products and services, business description, and a SWOT analysis. Profiles of companies such as Power Qinshan Joint Venture Company, China General Nuclear Power Corporation, and China National Nuclear Corporation are included in the report.

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