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Global Nuclear Medicine Diagnostics Market: Early Disease Detection Fuels Adoption

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Published on : Jun 13, 2016

ALBANY, New York, June 13, 2016 – ResearchMoz.us has added a report, titled “Global Nuclear Medicine Diagnostics Market Research 2016, Trends and Forecast Report,” to its expanding repository. The report is a top-level analysis of a complete overview of the nuclear medicine diagnostics market in 2016. The report looks into the driving forces, challenges, trends, and opportunities that will impact the progression of this industry. 

The report is all-important for the many aspects of the global nuclear medicine diagnostics market that are covered herein. The extensive assessment of this industry is significantly important for existing market players and for those interested in participating in this market. 

The report highlights the reasons for the fast expansion of the nuclear medicine diagnostics market over the past few years. Newer opportunities and challenges for the industry’s growth are examined herein. 

The report states that nuclear medicine diagnostics have been gaining prominence due to several reasons. Nuclear medicine diagnostics is generally non-invasive, with the exception of intravenous injections. The procedure is usually painless and helps physicians examine and evaluate medical conditions. 

In nuclear medicine imaging, small amounts of radioactive materials, called radiotracers, are either injected into the bloodstream, inhaled, or swallowed. The radiotracer traverses through the area to be examined and produces energy in the form of gamma rays. These are detected by a specialty camera and computer to capture images of the interior of the body. Nuclear medicine imaging delivers unique information of the inside of the body that often cannot be produced using other imaging techniques. Due to this, the technique has the potential to diagnose diseases in their early stages.

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Composed of 158 pages, the market study is systematically divided into chapters including an array of graphical representations that illustrate the past performance of the nuclear medicine imaging industry. Each chapter of the report talks about a specific aspect at length. For instance, the executive summary section discusses industry legislations in place in the context of nuclear medicine diagnostics. 

The data presented in this report is gathered from proprietary databases of healthcare departments and industry-centric bodies, which was scrutinized thereafter. As a part of the research phase, analysts carried out interviews with industry experts and opinion leaders for their viewpoint on the research analysis. Experts also present opinions on how technological advances will shape up the growth trajectory of the nuclear medicine imaging industry in the coming years.

The report divides the global nuclear medicine imaging industry into the regional segments of North America, Asia, and Europe, with the U.S., Japan, China, and Germany accounting for the majority of deployment of nuclear medicine imaging techniques. 

From a competitive standpoint, this study mentions top four companies that are actively involved in the global nuclear medicine diagnostics market. Details pertaining to business positioning, technological advancements, product portfolio and specifications, and financial standing are presented for each of the top companies. 

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