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Donning Natural Mosquito Repellants on Wrists – Charting the Growth Story

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Published on : Jan 31, 2020

ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a report, titled “Global Natural Mosquito Repellent Wristband Market Insights, Forecast to 2025”. The report on the Natural Mosquito Repellent Wristband market offers an elaborate assessment of key growth trends and drivers, recent developments in the market, the competitive ecosystem, and opportunity and challenges analysis. Segments in the report are created by product type and application. The forecast period of the report is 2019 to 2025. Base year is 2018.

Mosquito-borne diseases are on a rise and a multiple reasons are behind this. For instance, global warming is making breeding of these mosquitoes conducive.  And, thus we see government’s efforts towards building awareness and battling the issue at hand. All this, along with affordability of mosquito repellants are leading to a rise in demand. 

Here there is a sub trend that is a sub trend that is promising global natural mosquito repellent wristband market. There is a demand for natural products across many industry verticals as these are perceived as effective and not causing any undesired effect on the health of the user or his environment. And, since it is no surprise that millennials are the biggest consumers and perpetrators of the trend, it can be safely said that natural mosquito repellents will see an upward rise in demand.

Also, as people learn more about toxic chemicals in traditionally used repellants that are a cause of poor health, the shift to natural mosquito repellents is swift, creating newer and more lucrative opportunities in the global natural mosquito repellent wristband market. Additionally, being natural and safe, some of these can be used around babies without causing adverse effects on health.

Besides, there is also the matter of convenience that is driving the global mosquito repellent wristband market. For instance, people are living hectic lifestyle and need convenience in terms of use and portability. And, wristbands allow for just that.

Hence, it does not come as a surprise that the market is witnessing a significant CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) between 2019 and 2025. The market landscape is fragmented owing to a presence of a large number of regional and international players. And, as the market promised more growth opportunities in the future, the number is expected to rise further as more players would clamor to grab a piece of the growth pie.

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Some of the prominent players marking the global natural mosquito repellent wristband market include the following. These are also covered in the report added by ResearchMoz.

  • Parakito
  • Runben
  • Shanghai Windtalk Leisure
  • Kinven
  • Babygo
  • Bugslock
  • Dabur

In order to maintain a solid edge over competitors, players are focusing and investing heavily on marketing. And, this is not just through advertisement on television and social media but also through carrying out awareness campaigns. Some also give away free samples to bring in awareness – both of the product and the virus. Some of the brands play on fear. For, instance Godrej targets mothers and pushes them to protect their children against disease causing mosquitoes by using the company product – Good Knight. Thus innovation in marketing and product development remain major strategies for prominent players.

Some of the regions that will generate untapped growth opportunities for market players to dabble with are Latin America, Middle East & Africa (LAMEA) owing to an increase in incidence of some of the most deadly viruses spread through mosquitoes. Rise in disposable incomes in these regions will support the growth.