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Demand for Improved Infrastructure to Steer Growth of Global Modular UPS Market

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Published on : Jul 17, 2017

Albany, New York, July 17, 2017: An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) device is an appliance that is used when power source is unavailable or when electricity is not available. There are two types of UPS namely – modular UPS and centralized UPS. The report segments the global UPS market based on various parameters and then provides market values of each of these segments. It has identified high demand for modular UPS, which allows organizations to increase their UPS power cost-efficiently. Centralized UPS supplies power to the entire organization’s network system whereas modular UPS supplies power to s single server. Therefore, the demand for centralized UPS is more than the later. 

One of the key factors driving the UPS market is the power crushes which is very common all over the world. With the help of UPS, files and important documents are not lost due to power cuts. UPS is a very important appliance for individual use as well as for office purposes. Extra power supply is required because to developing technologies, which causes a growth in the demand for UPS. UPS are small in size and the market is striving to reduce the size even more, making the appliance light in weight as well. The applications of UPS, as per the report, includes many factors, such as communication, in which, the growth rate of UPS market may depend on the growth rate of the communication industry. Some other factors are electricity, finance, and chemical industries. All these applications might cause progressive growth of the global UPS market. Features such as using internet and cloud computing, results in use of UPS in data centers. Modular UPS has more power capacity and is reliable. Also, it is simple to use which makes the demand of UPS, high.

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The report gives in depth information and analysis about the UPS market. It includes detailed overview of how the UPS market is growing and what is the need for UPS globally. The report also states various aspects of UPS and presets refined forecasts about the global UPS market’s trajectory in the coming years. The UPS market is an extremely diverse market which is spread globally and has a bright future. Regionally, the global UPS market can be segmented into India, China, Japan, South East Asia, Europe, and North America. The regions have been further detailed on the basis of production, consumption, growth rate, and the revenue generated. Due to high revenue, there has been an increase in the construction of data center infrastructures, which causes more requirement of UPS globally. 

Leading companies contributing in the global UPS market are Schneider-Electric, Kehua, EATON, Hitec, S&C, Toshi, Delta Greentech, Emerson, Socomec, Activepower, Zhicheng Champion, Eksi, KSTAR, and EAST.

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