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Published on : Jun 21, 2017

Albany, New York, June 21, 2017: A new report titled “2012-2022 Report on Global Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Market Competition, Status and Forecast, Market Size by Players, Regions, Type, End Users,” examines at length how mobility as a service is making a mark for transportation needs both at individual and business level. The report presents valuable insights of developments in the mobility as a service market over the forecast period between 2012 and 2022.  It looks into market dynamics, growth trends, and economic indices that are anticipated to have a bearing on the market’s growth over the aforementioned forecast period. The U.S., China, Southeast Asia, EU, Japan, and India are the regions discussed in this report for a know-how of growth pattern of the global mobility as a service market.

The report serves as a useful tool for market participants. It provides market size estimates, growth indices, and SWOT analysis of the market until 2022 that can be valuable for market stakeholders to plan business moves. The analysis of the mobility as a service market presented in this report is creditworthy for its extensive research phase. Analysts reached out industry-centric agencies for data collection and thereafter conducted interviews with industry experts. 

The 118-page report is presented in a chapter-wise format for easy browsing. It includes an array of graphical representations and tables to understand the growth curve of the mobility as a service market in a pictorial manner. Definitions, industry statutes, and industry policies relevant to the mobility as a service market are discussed in the introductory chapter of the report.

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Furthermore, the report comprehensively covers the competitive stance of the mobility as a service market. This includes competitive standing of players in the recent past and the changing competitive hierarchy over the report’s forecast period. Market concentration rate, technological capabilities, and product/service differences are some of the key parameters analyzed in this report to comprehend the competitive status of players in the mobility as a service market.

The report analyzes the mobility as a service market in terms of type and end users. Android platform and iOS platform are the type segments of the market studied in this report. In terms of end user, below 25 years, 25040 years, and above 40 years are the segments of this market. 

Some of the key players in the mobility as a service market include Uber, Lyft, Hailo, Ola Cabs, BlaBla car, Grab Taxi, Sidecar, VIA, Ingogo, Lecab, Careem, Didi, GETT, ADDISON Lee, Meru, Mytaxi, Kako Taxi, Flywheel, Curs, Chaffeur-Prive, and Easy. Each of the companies is profiled for their key business attributes of products, services, and solutions, financial standing, and recent developments.

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