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Opportunities Witnessed in Emerging Nations to Give Impetus to Global Mobile Gaming Market

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Published on : Dec 13, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Dec 13, 2016: The report provides an exhaustive overview of the global mobile gaming market, covering prevailing market trends, vendor landscape, supply chain analysis, manufacturing cost structure, product profile of leading companies, and segmentation based on various parameters. Besides discussing the factors influencing growth of the market across various segments, the report throws light on the impact of the recent regulatory policies. 

The global mobile gaming market is expected to witness considerable opportunities across the world. The share of mobile gaming in the global games market will significantly rise over the next few years as gamers worldwide increasingly look for advanced and more compact technologies. APAC will continue to remain a lucrative regional market, with China alone accounting for an impressive share in revenue generated by the global mobile gaming market.   

Despite the China PC market exhibiting slow growth as core mobile titles cannibalize PC game spending, the mobile gaming market in China is projected to spawn a highly profitable industry. The opportunities witnessed by the market in Asia Pacific will provide impetus to its global status. Furthermore, the introduction of the latest technologies will help the mobile gaming market garner better traction worldwide. The convergence of video and games on a global scale, with mobile technologies at its core, will be the biggest driver of the market. 

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Competition in the global mobile gaming market is expected to remain high through the course of the report’s forecast period. One of the exclusive characteristics of the global mobile gaming market is low entry barriers for new players. This is expected to keep the competition prevailing with the global gaming market high. A typical next-generation PC-based game or consoles can cost a few million dollars to produce, and its marketing would incur no less expense. This has aided the profusion of mobile game titles. With a few hundred mobile games launched on a single day worldwide, the prospects for the mobile gaming market seems robust. 

However, huge investment required to make a mobile game standout from the crowd could keep the mobile gaming market stratified. Considering the factors, experts project the rise of mobile games imminent, however, the likelihood of the technology eating away console of PC games revenue is bleak. Competition will however remain intense as both the markets invest in technological advancements. 

Some of the leading players operating in the market are Gameloft, Disney, Activision Blizzard, CJ E&M, Supercell, DeNA, GungHo Online, CyberAgent, CJ E&M, and others. The report includes the profiles of these companies, covering basic information, their competitors, and manufacturing base. Details pertaining to their product portfolio and strategies adopted for gaining stronghold are also included in the report.

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