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Asia Pacific Leads Global Mobile Device Accessories Industry as Region Continues to Register High Smartphone Sale

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Published on : Oct 27, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Oct 27, 2016: The research report, titled “Global Mobile Device Accessories Industry 2016, Trends and Forecast Report,” offers a comprehensive overview of the market and presents an understanding of the factors shaping its future. The report includes a list of prominent drivers and restraints impacting the growth of the global market. It has been compiled using primary and secondary research methodologies to ensure accurate collaboration of data.

Analysts state that the global mobile device accessories industry is being directly influenced by the increasing sales of smartphones across the globe. The affordability of smartphones has played a crucial role in the high demand for mobile device accessories. The global market for mobile device accessories includes earphones, covers, stands, chargers, power banks, batteries, and portable speakers amongst others. Growing usage of mobile phones over desktops is the primary growth driver for the overall market. The market’s growth is also being fueled by the growth in the number of brands vying to sell affordable and attractive mobile device accessories. Analysts have noted that the demand for wireless audio accessories will be an emerging trend in the near future. For instance, consumers will exhibit a high adoption of wireless chargers and Bluetooth speakers, which will favor the growth of the global mobile device accessories industry.

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On the basis of distribution channels, the global mobile device accessories industry is segmented into offline and online. Analysts observed that the offline segment dominated the global market as consumers prefer physical stores to online shopping portals. The preference for offline distribution channels remains high as consumers are able to test the quality of the product prior to making a purchase.

Geographically, the global mobile devices accessories industry is segmented into the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle and Africa. Currently, Asia Pacific holds a dominant share in the global market. This regional market is being propelled by an ever-growing consumer base, especially in the developing countries of India and China. The Asia Pacific mobile device accessories industry is also expected to profit from rising disposable incomes and the improving purchasing power of the consumers.

Some of the key companies operating in the global mobile device accessories industry are Microsoft, Apple, Huawei, Oppo, Samsung, and Xiaomi. The research report profiles these companies and provides an assessment of their business and marketing strategies. The document includes an explanation of the competitive landscape present in the overall market. It studies the research and development activities of these companies, their management styles, recent developments, and their expansion plans for the coming few years. The global mobile devices accessories market has been scrutinized from all the angles to map a trajectory of this growth for the coming few years.

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