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Ubiquity of Smartphones Driving Global Mobile Biometric Authentication Market

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Published on : Nov 21, 2017

ALBANY, New York, November 21, 2017: The report, developed by a group of professional research analysts, aspires to serve as a reliable business tool for its targeted audiences such as digital security consultants, biometric hardware providers including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), sensor manufacturers, camera suppliers, and batter manufacturers, cloud service providers, biometrics associations and alliances, and software dealers and distributors.

The report is a careful summation of an overview of the current scenario of mobile biometric authentication market, explores various dynamics such as drivers, trends, and restraints that will define the future, evaluates and forecasts the valuation of various segments, gauges the potential of this market in various regions, and profiles some of the key vendors in order to represent the competitive landscape.

As per the findings of the report, the demand in the global mobile biometric authentication market will increment at a healthy CAGR during the forecast period of 2017 to 2021, which would be primarily a reflection of growing ubiquity of smartphones. The report has noted that biometric authentication is of optimum value for various organizations in order to identify users. While physiological biometric systems authenticate by scanning face, fingerprint, iris, hand, or DNA, behavioral biometric systems recognize keystroke, voice, and signature. As smartphones have emerged as a device that is being carried by consumers almost at all times, biometric methods pertaining to it enables easy and quick authentication. 

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Government initiatives to promote the adoption of biometrics, increased usage of biometric technology in crime identification, growing adoption of biometric features in smartphones, rising trend of mobile transactions, and large scale adoption of electronic verification systems are some of the other factors augmenting the demand in the global mobile biometric authentication market. On the other hand, data concerns and privacy breach as well as cost of deployment are some of the prominent restraints obstructing the prosperity of the global mobile biometric authentication market. Nevertheless, the vendors operating in this market are expected to gain new opportunities from the growing application of mobile biometrics in e-commerce and online gaming.

The end users of mobile biometric devices are essentially segment into individual consumers and enterprises. Mobile biometric authentication offers several advantages such as reduced operational cost and improved and efficient security measures. Though, it carries few disadvantages as well like not 100% accuracy is confirmed and requires additional hardware's, etc. Geographically, the report takes stock of the potential of mobile biometric authentication market in the every important region and country, and throws light on their growth potentials.

As far as the competitive landscape is concerned, the global mobile biometric authentication market is highly fragment among a large number of participants who cater to global and regional demands. Product pricing, features, quality, brand reputation, distribution network, and promotional activities are a few important aspects that most of prominent companies focus on in order to carve a niche for themselves and strengthen their position in the market. In addition to that, mergers and acquisitions of smaller players is another key strategies of financially equipped players, as it helps them increase their consumer base.

The report contains profiles of four of the leading companies operating in the global mobile biometric authentication market, namely Apple Inc., NEC Corporation, 3M (Cogent), and Synaptics Inc. For each of these companies, the report provides business and financial overview and recent strategic decisions.

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