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Published on : Aug 18, 2017

Albany, New York, August 18, 2017: Minimal invasive surgery is a procedure in which surgery is done without creating major openings or incisions in a patient’s body. This results in less trauma and leads to significant cost saving. Minimal invasive surgeries are witnessing increased demand globally as they are convenient processes both for patients and hospitals. ResearchMoz.us has included a report, titled “Global Minimally Invasive Medical Devices Market Research Report 2017,” which illustrates factors influencing the growth of this market for the forecast period of 2012-2022. 

Minimally invasive surgery results in reduced therapy requirements and shorter hospitalization time. Also, these types of surgeries causes less scarring, less pain, and reduced need for postsurgical treatments. Owing to these factors, patients are demanding for minimally invasive surgery, ultimately fueling the global minimally invasive surgery market. In this report, such current trends and future trends that will have significant roles in growth of this market are illustrated.

The global market by revenue and CAGR are estimated for the aforementioned forecast period. This report provides a market overview of minimally invasive medical devices, which includes scope of devices and product overviews. To provide a comprehensive market overview, the report provides a detailed assessment of various product categories within the market. For each of the product type, global production and CAGR (%) are compared, which allows readers to understand the growth opportunities for each individual type. Also, production market share for the year 2016 for these product types are given. These product types include inflation systems, handheld instruments, and guiding devices.

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A significant portion of this report is dedicated to comparison of market segments by application. Estimated sales for the forecast period is provided. This defines the growth opportunities of minimally invasive medical devices for various applications. These applications include gynecology, gastrointestinal surgery, orthopedic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, and others. 

The global minimally invasive medical devices market can be geographically segmented into India, Southeast Asia, Japan, China, Europe, and North America. For these regions, market size by value and CAGR  are estimated for the forecast period. For each of these key regions, development status of various companies and their growth prospect are analyzed. Growth rate, market share, revenue consumption, and production for all these regions are specified and compared, which reveal the regions that are more sensible towards the growth of minimally invasive medical devices market.

The key players in this market include Photomedex, Lumenis, Hitachi Medical, Convergent Laser, Olympus Surgical, Pentax Medical, Boston Scientific, Clarus Medical, Karl Storz, and Mako Surgical. Basic information on these companies such as their distribution channel, supply chain structure, product portfolio, and manufacturing bases, is included in the report. Furthermore, major competitors of these players are listed. 

Other prominent players in this market are Zimmer Biomet, Microline Surgical, Applied Biomedical Resources Corporation, Abbott Laboratories, ConMed Corporation, Stryker Corporation, Aesculap, Hansen Medical, Intuitive Surgical, Curexo Technology, Richard Wolf, Medtronic, Teleflex, Cooper Surgical, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Vision Sciences, Integrated Endoscopy, Smith & Nephew, and Surgical Innovations.

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