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Micro Vacuum Pump Market to Witness Growth Driven by its Increasing Demand from End Users

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Published on : Jan 20, 2020

The vacuum pump refers to a type of system that is utilized in the process of reduction of liquid pressure. Such a task is performed through a vacuum system that is used quite often to take out excess air and other elements present in it. Presence of surplus air and other unnecessary elements cause certain damages, such as reduction in the boiling point. 

The global micro vacuum pump market is anticipated to be driven by increasing demand from various end use industries. These micro vacuum pumps are extremely powerful, lightweight, and are small in size. These micro pumps are ideal for use in battery-operated, portable medical devices or diagnostic applications. Such medical applications comprise negative pressure wound therapy, aspiration, tissue sampling, anesthesia monitoring, portable, waste-handling, sample transfer and cleaning, and blood pressure gauges.

Few of the prominent names in the global micro vacuum pump market are Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH, TOPS Industry & Technology, Gardner Denver Thomas, Shenzhen Skoocom Electronic, Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH, and Parker-Hannifin Corporation.

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The global micro vacuum pump market has been divided on the basis of three important parameters. These parameters are application, type, and region and the segmentations help in providing a detailed view of the global micro vacuum pump market.

Increased Concern for Environment Likely to Fuel Demand for these Pumps

The global micro vacuum pump market is anticipated to witness substantial growth over the period of assessment, thanks to its multiple functionalities. Micro vacuum pumps find wide use in gas and air monitoring and analysis process. These pumps find massive huge in the medical industry. It is widely used in diagnostic applications that need to be done in limited space. Micro pumps are also used in the processes of ensuring sanitation, waste removal, vacuum degassing, and system vacuum.

Diaphragm pumps are a type of micro vacuum pumps. They are also known as double diaphragm pumps and are also used across various applications in several industries. This type of micro vacuum pump are effective and ideal for drawing fluids from food grade clean water to acids and then to slurries. Many of those are viscous substances. As compared to other vacuum pump options, diaphragm pumps are reasonably priced, thanks to their simple operation mode and design.

In addition to that, this type of micro vacuum pumps is just apt for use as gas sampling pumps. These gas sampling pumps can be utilized across various industrial and environmental applications. It is used in workplace ambient air quality monitors, confined space monitors, analysis of waste gas and flue gas, and in homeland security detectors.

Owing to its versatility, diaphragm pumps find use in almost every industry that needs transfer of fluid. They are quite often used in water removal or dewatering across several industries. In addition to that, metering, dispensing, and filling activities extensively use these pumps, thanks to their accuracy and efficiency. Such numerous utilities of diaphragm pumps are likely to offer copious growth opportunities for the global micro vacuum pump market in forthcoming years.

Asia Pacific to Emerge as a Rapidly Growing Region in the Market 

To enable better and deeper understanding of the global micro vacuum pump market, the market has been split into the key regions of Latin America, Middle East and Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Of all these regions, North America is estimated account for a sizeable chunk of the global micro vacuum pump market in forthcoming years. Rapid technological development coupled with increased adoption of high-end technologies is likely to drive the market over the period of assessment.

Asia Pacific is estimated to witness rapid rise of the market during the tenure of assessment. Growth of the market in the region is ascribed to the growing concern over environmental issues and demand from end use sectors.