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Global Micro Irrigation Systems Market Benefits from Precise Irrigation Needs of Agricultural Crop

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Published on : Dec 26, 2017

ALBANY, New York, December 26, 2017: ResearchMoz.us has featured a market study, titled “Micro Irrigation Systems Market: Japan Anticipated to be the Least Attractive Market for Micro Irrigation System Manufacturers: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) & Opportunity Assessment (2017-2027),” to its expanding repository of research reports. The report evaluates the global micro irrigation systems for a 10-year period from 2017 to 2022, along with historical analysis of the 2012-2016 period. The report covers demand drivers, challenges, opportunities, and product innovations that are critical to understand the growth of micro irrigation systems market over the report’s forecast period. The all-inclusive analysis coupled with substantial focus on the competitive matrix included in the report are useful for market stakeholders. The report also provides worldwide statistics of current adoption of micro irrigation systems and the scope of expansion of this market. 

According to findings of the report, approximately 18% of irrigated farms across the world account for 40% of food production, of which only 4% are equipped with micro irrigation technology. Consequently, there is immense scope for the growth of micro irrigation systems market, adds the report. 

Micro irrigation systems refer to low pressure, low volume irrigation systems wherein small quantities of water are applied directly above or below the soil surface as discrete drops or in a tiny stream. Micro irrigation systems offer several advantages which include boosting water efficiency by 90%, reducing energy consumption by 30%, and reducing fertilizer consumption by almost 28%. This directly translates into profitability for farmers by increasing their income by almost 50%.

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The report on micro irrigation systems market begins with an introduction that covers definition, conventions, notations, and taxonomy in the micro irrigation systems market. The report provides definitions for all segments, and thus the section is veritable to gain a grassroot level understanding of this market. 

The report examines the global market for micro irrigation systems on the basis of a few parameters, viz. system type, end use, and geography. By system type, micro/mini sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, and sprinkler irrigation are the key segments that could divide the micro irrigation systems market. By end use, the key segments of the micro irrigation systems market include small farmers, large private and corporate farms, government, and others. The key segments based on geography that divides the global micro irrigation systems market are North America, Asia Pacific except Japan, Western Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, Eastern Europe, and Japan.

The micro irrigation systems market is a highly competitive one. Companies seeking entry into the market need to study the strengths and weaknesses of immediate rivals before they strategize for long term business goals. New participants in the market also need to be aware of the global irrigation scenario. To serve this, the report includes a chapter dedicated to global water stress situation, equipped irrigation area, irrigation opportunities, scope of penetration of micro irrigation systems, and growth potential.

Some leading names in the worldwide market for micro irrigation systems include Netafim Ltd., The Toro Company, Hunter Industries, Rivulis Irrigation Ltd., T-L Irrigation, Reinke Manufacturing Company Inc., Sistema Azud SA, Finolex Plasson Industries Pvt. Ltd, China Drip Irrigation Equipment Co. Ltd., Eurodrip SA, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., Rain Bird Corporation, Valmont Industries, Lindsay Corporation, EPC Industries Ltd., Elgo Irrigation, Nelson Irrigation Corporation, Kisan Irrigation Ltd., Ripple Aquaplast, and Irritrol are the key companies that hold prominence in the global micro irrigation systems market. These players have been profiled based on business overview, strategies, key financials, and recent company developments. With the help of these parameters, readers can carry out a SWOT analysis of each of these companies.

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