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Increased Demand from Numerous Industries Boost Global Micro and Special Motor Market

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Published on : Dec 12, 2019

Micro and special motors as the name suggests are smaller and specialized motors, which find abundant use in various end use sectors for mobility applications. Vibration alert notification, high energy efficiency, and transportability are some of the important features of micro and special motors make it a better substitute of usual small sized motors.

The global micro and special motor market is likely to experience substantial growth over the period of forecast due to it increasing use in a wide variety of industries. Micro and special motors find abundant use in construction, automation, automotive, and medical industries. These motors offer mechanical movements like rotation, shuttling, delivery, contraction, and rolling. With the foray of advanced technology, high-performance micro and special motors and techniques of micromachining assist in the making of electrical motors on a very small scale.

Type, application, and region are the three parameters based on which the global micro and special motor market has been segmented. Johnson Electric Holdings Limited, Buhler Motors GmbH, Wellings Holdings, Maxon Motors AG, Mitsuba Corporation, ASMO CO Ltd are some of renowned companies that operate successfully in the global micro and special motor market.

Rapid Growth of Manufacturing Industries Accentuate Demand in the Market

The global micro and special motor market gathers momentum from its abundant use in the automobile industry. Micro and special motors have a very significant role to play in the automobile industry as the need for such motors remain high in the industry. In an attempt to cater to the growing need for comfort and safety in the automotive sector, advancements in technology are taking place rapidly and constantly. Such constant technological progress is making way for the development of high quality micro and special motors. This is likely to boost the global micro and special motor market over the period of forecast.

In addition, the global micro and special motor market is expected to ride on the wide use of these motors in the home appliance, automotive, communication equipment, defense, industrial automation, medical, 3D printing industries, and electric information equipment. The micro and special motors find use in lab automation devices as well. As the utilization of lab automation devices grow on a large scale, the demand for micro and special motors have increased. 

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Some of the key trends that the global micro and special motor market are technological upgradation of high precision piezoelectric micro motor, rising demand for brushless DC motors, and growing information processing equipment. Brushless DC motors are widely used for motion control and positioning in the manufacturing industry. These motors are ideal for the manufacturing industry owing to their good speed-torque characteristics, low maintenance, high efficiency, and high power density. As such, expansion of the various manufacturing industries is anticipated to boost the global micro and special motor market.

On the basis of type, the global micro and special motor market is segmented is bifurcated into Brushed and Brushless. The application segmentation comprise construction & mining equipment, medical equipment, 3D printing, automotive,  aircraft, agricultural equipment, and industrial automation.

Asia Pacific to Retain its Market Dominance over the Period of Assessment

Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America, and Asia Pacific are some of the major regions of the global micro and special motor market.

Asia-Pacific region is estimated to be one of the leading regions for the global micro and special motor market and is likely to continue with the same in years to come. Rapid expansion of the manufacturing industries coupled with constant technological development to introduce better version of these motors are drive the market in this region. Furthermore, emergence of lab automation in countries like South Korea, Thailand, India, and China are expected to boost the market in Asia Pacific. Europe and North are likely to follow Asia Pacific in terms of revenue generation.