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Increased Demand in End Use Sectors Drives Medium Voltage Motor Control Centre Market

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Published on : Jan 14, 2020

The global medium voltage motor control centre market is prophesized to witness considerable growth due to its growing demand from various end use industries. A motor control center refers to an assembly that is tasked to control few or all the electric motors in a centralized location. It comprises several enclosed sections with a common power bus. Each of the section comes with a combination starter and a combination starter is made of a circuit breaker, power disconnect, and motor starter. A piece of metering equipment, programmable logic controllers, indicator lights, variable-frequency drives, pushbuttons could also constitute a motor control center. It is possible to combine a motor control centre with electrical service entrance of a building.
Motor control centre finds extensive use in industrial and commercial buildings as those buildings have several electric motors that need to be regulated from a remote location, such as an electrical room or mechanical room. 
Some of the key market players in the global medium voltage motor control centre market are Schneider Electric SE, Siemens AG, ABB Automation Company, General Electric Company, Rockwell Automation, Inc., and Eaton Corporation Inc.

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Rapid Technological Progress to Propel Growth of the North America Market
The global medium voltage motor control centre market is divided into the key regions of the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, and Europe. North America is estimated to account for a leading share of the medium voltage motor control centre market. North America is likely to continue with its regional supremacy over the tenure of assessment owing to rapid technological progress and quick adoption of advanced technological solutions. In addition, dependence on electric motors and other machines stimulate the growth of the regional market. The global medium voltage motor control centre market is anticipated to witness the rise of Latin America and Middle East and Africa in the market over the tenure of assessment owing to the growing popularity of automation in various sectors.
Demand for Increased Safety of Workers Bolster its Demand in the Market
Motor control centers generally find use in low voltage three-phase AC current motors from 208 Volts to 600 Volts. Medium-voltage motor control centers are usually used for huge motors running at around 2300 Volts to 15000 Volts. It makes use of vacuum contactors to switch and separate compartments to switch control and power.
The global medium voltage motor control centre market is likely to witness the growth of intelligent motor control center due to increasing initiatives to make the operational environment safe for the workers. The increased use of this type of intelligent motor control centre offers a layer of protection to the workers from the sides, rear, and front of the motor control centre enclosures. Such intelligent motor control centre also makes an offering of real-time monitoring from any corner of the facility. It also assists in processing supervision and permits predictive maintenance and advanced diagnostics.
The growing need for Internet of Things (IOT) enabled motor control centre is likely to give the global market a thrust over the tenure of assessment. A stellar rise in the adoption of automated technologies makes way for the utilization of IoT technologies in various operations. Market players are making various control modules and providing services utilizing the services of smartphones and other smart devices for medium voltage motor control centre market. Such factors are bound to stimulate the expansion of the global medium voltage motor control centre market in years to come.
Another factor that fuels that growth of the market is the capability of medium voltage motor control centre to address the issue of arc flash. Arc flash generally happens when electricity passes through the air that is present between ground conductor and underground conductor. It is an important matter of concern for both discreet industries and in the process. Such functionalities of medium voltage motor control centre make it a desirable product for many applications.