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Improvements in Pricing Boost Low-power Wide-area Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies Market

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Published on : May 03, 2016

ALBANY, New York, May 03, 2016: The research report offers a comprehensive overview of the overall low power wide area (LPWA) IoT technologies market and its impact on the global economy. To authenticate the research report, the industry experts have included opinions of industry leaders in the well-researched document. For a holistic overview of the market, the historical data pertaining to the market has been studied and compared to the present day market situation to map a trajectory of the LPWA technologies market in the coming years.

The adoption and coverage of low-power wide area (LPWA) IoT technologies is growing by leaps and bounds in the unlicensed spectrum. Some of the factors driving this growth are the advantages of these technologies such as low power, low cost, and broad coverage inclusive of indoor spaces that no short range wireless, cellular, and other connectivity options can match. 

Therefore, several players are using these technologies for a wide range of applications. Researchers predict that the improvements seen in the coverage area, power consumption, and pricing in comparison to various forms of M2M connectivity and cellular technologies are expected to boost the demand for LPWA technologies. Statistics indicate that between 2015 and 2020 the LPWA M2M connections will grow from 20 million to over 860 million.

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The biggest users of LPWA technologies will be smart meters, accounting for nearly 45% of the total LPWA connections by the end of 2020. The second-largest users of LPWA technologies will be various industrial verticals and financial institutions. This pace will be followed by consumer electronics, which is also expected to grow at a rapid pace all through 2020. Furthermore, smart city applications such as intelligent lighting, parking, and smart buildings will hold a 12% share in the total LPWA connections by 2020. However, the usage of LPWA in land-vehicle-based applications will be lesser than expected.

The research report profiles some of the top players in the LPWA technologies market such as LoRa, SIGFOX, and RPMA. Each of these players has a unique set of industrial support, capability, business model and management, levels of adoption, and coverage that is determining their position in the overall competitive landscape. The report explains the regulatory framework governing the overall LPWA technologies market. Furthermore, it also states the financial overview, business and marketing strategies, investment outlook, expansion plans, joint ventures, and strategic mergers and acquisitions of top players in the overall market.

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