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Increasing Demand for End-user to Help in Pushing Growth of Global Lint Remover Market

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Published on : Feb 25, 2020

A recent market research report added in the vast research report repository of Researchmoz that talks about the global lint remover market and its overall working dynamics. This report of the lint remover market offers comprehensive analysis, market shares, key trends, opportunities, and driving and restraining factors that are influencing the growth of the market. Along with in-detail market segmentation, the research report offers key insights and information that are imperative for devising decisive marketing strategies.

Easy Availability to Fuel Market Development

A lint roller or a lint remover is a type of roller. It has adhesive paper on one side on a plastic or cardboard barrel. It is generally mounted on a central spindle that has a handle attached to it. The lint remover device helps in removing lint or other different small fibers that can be found on majority of materials such as linen, upholstery, and clothing among others. Once it is expended, the roll can then be generally replaced with a different roll or a refill roll. This device was first invented back in the year 1956 by Nicholas McKay Sr. 

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Reusable lint rollers make use of elastomers such as polystyrene ethylene butylene styrene and silicones as a reusable surface. The material has similar properties to that of polymer used in different toys. A lint remover design offers a quick 360 degree rotation. This type of movement helps in quick and easy removal of different types of unwanted fibers such as animal hair. These lint removers come in different shapes and sizes and are now easily available online. This variety and ease of access is expected to act as a key driving factor for market growth.

There are multiple factors that are responsible for driving the growth of the global lint remover market. One of the key driving factor for market growth has been its growing demand from the masses. In recent years, there has been a considerable rise in the number of pet owner. With pet naturally shading their hair due to environmental reasons, a large chunk of it can be easily found on day to day use clothes. Thus, pet owners are increasingly preferring lint removers to clean their clothes. This has thus helped in pushing the growth of the global lint remover market. Another important factor for the market growth has been the growing purchasing power of the consumers. 

The global lint remover market can be segmented in terms of product type, application, and region. In terms of type of product, the global lint remover market can be further segmented into rechargeable lint remover and battery type lint remover. Of these, the rechargeable lint remover is expected to witness solid growth in coming years of the forecast period due to growing consumer preference. 

In terms of application, the global lint remover market is further segmented into commercial applications and household applications. The household application segment is expected to grow during the coming years of the projection period. 

There are five main regional segments that divide the global lint remover market. These regions are Latin America, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. Of these, currently, the global market is projected to be dominated by the regional segment of North America. On the other hand, the regional segment of Asia Pacific is projected to witness strong growth in the coming years of the forecast period. Increasing application industries in the region is expected to drive the growth of the market in Asia Pacific. 

Some of the leading companies in the global lint remover market include names such as 3M, Flyco, Povos, Superman, Remington, Conair, Eddarc, Meiyin, Riwa, Ningbo Trueman, Smartec, and Kemei among others.