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Long life Span to Drive Market for Li-ion Battery for E-cigarette

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Published on : Apr 03, 2017

Albany, New York, April 03, 2017: The study examines the growth of the market followed over the last few years and the prospects of growth in the near future. The research report details out the causes accountable for the variations in the market and analyses them thoroughly. The impact of certain trends has also been discussed in the report. It further provides data on the market shares, strategies, and products of leading companies.

Lithium-ion battery or li-ion battery is a part of the battery group which is considered to be rechargeable. Lithium-ion batteries offer long lifecycle, better efficiency, and high storage capacity than other conventional batteries. The demand for these types of batteries is rising in several applications such as in power plants for energy storage systems, automotive applications such as HEVs and EVs, and consumer electronic products. The growing application of li-ion batteries has also increased its use for e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are referred to as devices or equipment powered by lithium-ion batteries that are filled with nicotine or e-liquid. E-cigarettes comprise of an e-nicotine delivery system, personal vaporizer, and e-vaping device. The battery issued for the purpose of heating the e-liquid through heating coils or atomizers, vaporizes the liquid.  This, in turn, is inhaled and is known as vaping. The liquids employed in e-cigarettes are found in variety of flavors such as peach, watermelon, menthol, and bubble gum. 

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The global e-cigarette market is expected to witness several opportunities for mergers and acquisitions among many multinational companies. Several vendors are improving their market potential and market presence through these kinds of activities. It has also been expected that numerous vendors will acquire small and domestic suppliers or enter into agreements with them during the forecast period. This will help them in improving their market reach and expand their distribution channels. The report further states that the growing instances of mergers and acquisitions will help the companies in the market to improve their market revenues and enlarge their customer base.

The report further states that rechargeable e-cigarettes are the first choice of end users as they are known for providing better performance at a relatively low price and also offers different flavour options. These rechargeable e-cigarettes also offer a broad range of pre-filled replacement e-liquids and cartridges. These devices enable users to change the level of nicotine or switch flavors during the life span of the cigarette owing to the long replacement time of lithium-ion batteries. Hence, the growing status of rechargeable e-cigarettes is likely to drive the global market over the coming years. The leading companies in the market are Vapor Hub International, Sony, Samsung SDI, Panasonic, LG Chem, and EVE Energy among others. 

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