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Advances in Biotechnology to Evaluate Effectiveness and Safety of Lemon Eucalyptus Oil as Repellents

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Published on : Dec 18, 2019

ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a report, titled “Global Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Market Research Report 2019” to its repository. The report presents in-depth insights into key applications and their scope, potential use of various product types, and imminent investment pockets in various regions. The study takes a closer look at the factors shaping the utilization of key product types and sheds light on emerging avenues. Further, the analyses include a detailed assessment of key strategies adopted by various players to consolidate their foothold in the lemon eucalyptus market.  

A great deal of growth dynamic in the lemon eucalyptus oil market is shaped by the growing demands in range of therapeutic applications. Key demands are in reducing various skin allergies and as mosquito repellents against blood-feeding arthropods. Further, extensive usage of lemon eucalyptus as biopesticide repellent in some parts of the world is a robust trend boosting the market. 

Over the past decade, repellents made from natural plant-based materials have gathered widespread traction in various parts of the world. This has been contributing to the potential of the lemon eucalyptus oil market. Still, there remains an unmet need of insect repellents with promising safety profile and marked efficacy in the light of growing public health concern of arthropod-borne viruses. Strides made in biotechnology have enabled industry players to try formulations based on natural materials for long-acting mosquito repellents. These advances have expanded understanding of researchers and industry about the biological activity of lemon eucalyptus oil, thus opening a new avenue in the market. 

The increasing shift of consumers from wearable repellents to sprays is also unlocking new prospects in the lemon eucalyptus oil market. Advances in the chemistry of synthesis have helped in better formulations of plant-based repellents containing lemon eucalyptus oil. This is also likely to gather traction among users as DEET-based formula in repellents are fast declining in demand. 

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A slew of studies in the past five years have revealed promising potential of lemon eucalyptus oil to be effective and safe against male and female mosquito bites. Over the years, the lemon eucalyptus oil market has seen rising sales owing to their ease of availability in e-commerce sites and their growing affordability for people at large, especially in cost-sensitive markets. However, there still lacks studies that look at the efficacy and safety of lemon eucalyptus oil in other therapeutic applications such as in eczema. The fatality of the adverse side effects is still a concern for potential users, hindering the swift stride the market is poised to undertake in the coming few years. 

Researchers evaluating the oil for other applications are intensely conducting animal-based studies. The advent of better microencapsulation studies has helped in making the studies easier to conduct. A case in point is recent efforts by scientists to assess the pharmacological activities in lemon eucalyptus oil for antioxidative and cholesterol-lowering effects. Efforts are also being made by end-use industry to see if lemon essential oil has some use in other applications, such as a preservative. In such cases, in vivo antimicrobial efficacy of these oils have become increasingly crucial. In the coming years, such research will get intensified paving way for new potential in the lemon eucalyptus oil market. 

Key regions in lemon eucalyptus oil market are North America, Europe, China, and Japan. Some of the prominent players operating in the lemon eucalyptus market are Guangzhou Bring Beauty Cosmetic Co Ltd., Alfa Chemical Corp., Tropical Enterprises, Fillmore Container, Inc., Plant Therapy, and Sun Organic.