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Global LBS in the Healthcare Sector Augmented by Growing Use of Location-based Technologies

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Published on : Apr 13, 2017

Albany, New York, April 13, 2017: This new research report, titled “Global LBS in the Healthcare Sector 2017 – 2021,” covers the current situation in the market and highlights the prospects of growth in the market, along with the pitfalls that the users of this report can avoid. The report initiates with a detailed analysis of the current scenario of the global LBS in the healthcare sector, and then moving on to the market’s scope over the coming years. In order to holistically calculate the size of the global LBS in the healthcare sector, the report has taken into consideration several parameters, including the use of digital maps, software, LBS applications, and the LBS devices.

According to the report, the global LBS in the healthcare sector is expected to be driven over the coming years, at a CAGR of 32.78% within a forecast period from 2017 to 2021. The primary factor attributed to the growth of the global LBS in the healthcare sector in recent times, is the swiftly increasing rate of adoption of location-based technologies and beacon technologies. They make it no just easier for the implementation LBS technologies.

However, the global LBS in the healthcare sector is currently being restrained by the increasing costs and margins of actually implementing most high grade LBS in the healthcare sectors. These systems take up a lot of expenses of any healthcare organization in terms of installation and maintenance, and require additional skilled labor to operate these equipment optimally. This is an overall expensive prospect, and several healthcare names, especially the ones in emerging economies, as currently avoiding its use. One of the major trends currently shaping the global LBS market in the healthcare sector is the inherently increasing popularity of these services and technologies. As more and more organizations find greater uses and advantages of implementing LBS, so does the average demand experienced by the market.

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This research report has given a complete analysis of the global LBS market in the healthcare sector by also including information gathered on the revenues generated in the market. These include revenue generated from personal navigation assistants primarily used for fitness. The report also includes data on the in-dash and location oriented devices that are currently in use by healthcare professionals as well as patients. The report also provides further information on the global LBS market in the healthcare sector based on the several categories that the market can be segmented under, including product types, applications, geography, technologies, and locations. The key regions elaborated on in the report include the EMEA, the APAC, and the Americas.

The top four names in the global LBS market in the healthcare sector currently, are ZIH, HPE, General Electric Company, and AiRISTA. Other well-known and trusted players in the global LBS market in the healthcare sector include Awarepoint, Axcess International, CenTrak, Cisco, Decawave, Emanate Wireless, IBM, Infor, Navizon, PLUS Location Systems, Radianse, RF Technologies, Siemens Healthcare, Sonitor Technologies, STANLEY Healthcare, TeleTracking Technologies, ThingMagic (Trimble), and Versus Technology.

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