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Laundry Capsules Market is Poised for Growth due to its Ease of Use and Eco-friendliness

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Published on : Jan 30, 2020

The latest trend in the washing and cleaning sector comes in the form of laundry capsules. These capsules are pods of highly concentrated laundry detergent that comes in a variety of bright hues and packaged in eco-friendly pouches. The chemistry of laundry capsules is as similar as the one in liquid detergents. These capsules are measured beforehand to the accurate dosage and are very easy to use, which is likely to offer copious growth opportunities for the global laundry capsules market.

Henkel AG & Company, KGaA, Colgate-Palmolive Company, The Procter & Gamble Company, and Church & Dwight Co., Inc. are some of the well-known players in the global laundry capsules market.
Demand for Healthier Lifestyle Keeps North America at the Forefront Market Growth
The global laundry capsules market has been segmented into the major geographies of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin Africa. Region-based segmentations offer a detailed view of the market in various parts of the world.

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Considering regional, North America driven by the US is estimated to offer the global laundry capsules market with abundant opportunity for expansion in the forecast period. Augmented concern for hygiene together with growing adoption of healthier lifestyle has emerged as one of the significant drivers for the growth of the laundry capsules market in the region. The rising demand for eco-friendly and organic laundry care products have left substantial impact on the global laundry capsules market. This has inspired various market players to make an offering of organic and environment friendly laundry capsules, which is likely to generate considerable revenue for the regional market.

In the global laundry capsules market, Asia Pacific is also expected to rise at the fast CAGR over the tenure of forecast. Such growth in Asia Pacific is likely to be driven by the boom in the service and textile industries in countries like India and China. Hotel industry is also on the path of high growth trajectory in Asia Pacific. Flourishing hotel industry generates demand for luxurious sanitation and cleaning products to offer their customer’s best ever stay experience. Furthermore, increased penetration of e-commerce platforms in the region is likely to open up new avenues of growth for the market in the region over the assessment tenure.

Demand for Healthy Living to Spell Growth for the Market
Laundry capsules are considered an excellent form of detergent that easy to handle and simple to use. The global laundry capsules market is estimated to be influenced by the ease with which the product could be used. These capsules help in saving time by preventing sticky spills of laundry room, adding in more than one product, and offering accurate dosage. As long as one strictly follows the instructions for use of laundry capsules, these capsules will dissolve in the wash absolutely. In addition, the packaging of laundry capsules is recyclable. This makes them easy to use and recyclable, which is likely to impact the growth of the global laundry capsules market in the forthcoming years.

Furthermore, laundry capsules lessen the risks of difficult to clean spills of detergents, which makes the surface extremely messy.  It comes as a perfect mix of fabric softener and detergent that provides sweet scent to the clothes as well.

Increased importance of healthy lifestyle coupled with demand for dust free, germ free, bacteria free, and hygienic living is likely to accentuate demand for products such as laundry capsules. Furthermore, with increased concern about environmental pollution, the demand for environment friendly products is on the rise, which is likely influence the market positively in the years to come.

Despite coming in smaller volumes, laundry capsules are as effective as regular detergents due to the presence of highly concentrated liquid. Given this high strength, the detergent needs to be kept beyond the reach of children and need to be used very carefully. This factor could restrain the growth of the global laundry capsules market in forthcoming years.