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Latin America Infrastructure as a Service Market to Register Double-digit Growth Rate until 2021

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Published on : Jan 09, 2017

ALBANY, NY, Jan 09, 2017: The report is an all-important tool to understand reasons for the influx of telecom service providers into IT services in Latin America, leading to the development of the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) market. 

The report presents an executive-level analysis of the Latin America IaaS market. The report delves into market drivers, restraints, and trends that will impact the progression of telecom companies in Latin America into the IaaS market for the period of 2016 to 2021. The report presents quantitative and qualitative insights into the development of the IaaS market with the surging number of telecom service providers in the IT space. This includes an analysis of how telecom companies are catering to the growing demand for IaaS solutions and how telecom companies are competing with hardcore IaaS companies such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The report also provides insights into the market landscape and competitive structure of this market for the aforementioned study period. The analysis is based on primary and secondary research endorsed by industry experts.

The Latin America IaaS market is expected to expand at a phenomenal CAGR of 26% between 2016 and 2021. The report forecasts the market to generate a cumulative revenue of US$9.3 bn during the aforementioned forecast period. Infrastructure as a service refers to a type of cloud computing wherein virtual computing resources are provided over the Internet. The service provider hosts hardware, software, storage, servers, applications, and other infrastructure components for its users. Other than this, the service provider handles backup, system maintenance, and resiliency planning for its users. 

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The report elucidates key drivers and challenges for the growth of telecom companies in the cloud infrastructure as a service market in Latin America. This is analyzed based on the service portfolio of these companies, regulatory environment, delivery channel for IaaS, and IaaS competitive landscape.

The report finds out reasons for traditional telecom service providers to turn towards IT services to enhance their revenue avenues. This is because telecom companies possess data center infrastructure and capacity and the necessary network to deliver cloud services. Moreover, telecom companies can leverage their data center customer base and support enterprises to switch from in-house infrastructure hosting to cloud-based IaaS environments. However, telecom companies in this region are facing strong competition from hardcore IT service companies, which is detrimental to their growth.

The 35-page report is divided into chapters and sub-chapters for reading comprehensibility. The report presents growth trends, market indicators, and competitive structure both pictorially and textually. Some of the leading companies operating in the Latin America IaaS market are Alestra-Axtel, Entel, and Embratel. 

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