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Rising Awareness and Elderly Population to Drive the Global Intravenous Iron Drugs Market

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Published on : Dec 27, 2019

The global intravenous iron drugs market is expected to witness major growth in the near future. The rising elderly population, and growing awareness about illnesses like anaemia are expected to drive growth for the market. Intravenous iron drugs are usually prescribed by professionals when iron deficiencies run high, due to major illnesses, or conditions like pregnancies. Moreover, due to limited dietary conditions in various senior citizen, these pills are ideal to recover from iron deficiencies. Technologies on the horizon like 3D printing can pave way for several new opportunities for players in the global intravenous iron drugs market

The global intravenous iron drugs market is also witnessing major growth, thanks to growing awareness of conditions like anaemia, bulimia among others. Earlier, these illnesses were thought to be mere habits. However, their growing acceptance as psychological conditions, and growing support for these conditions are expected to drive significant opportunities for growth for the global intravenous iron drugs market in the near future. Moreover, the non-invasive nature of pills available in the market are also expected to be ideal for these patients coupled with growth of personalized medicine. 

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Major Illnesses and Sedentary Lifestyle Key Factors Driving Growth

Recent studies show that several major illnesses like various forms of cancers, HIV, diabetes, are on the rise. Additionally, various forms of cancers include ones of kidney,  lung and bronchus cancer, prostate cancer, colon and rectum cancer, melanoma of the skin, bladder cancer among others are on the rise. This is especially concerning for the healthcare sector as this can have an extremely adverse impact on the immune system of the patients, which under normal conditions is determined by their diet. Moreover, diseases like HIV target the immune system and stop growth of resistance to various other diseases. The growth of sedentary lifestyle, and resulting growth of diabetes is also a major concern in the healthcare sector. The intravenous drugs are a non-invasive, cost-effective, and quality treatment program for many patients. The rising awareness of these treatments, especially for the elderly is expected to be a major driver of growth. 

E-commerce to Become Increasingly Important for Growth 

Major pharmacies in key regions like the US have opened up e-commerce channels to serve patients with more convenience. Additionally, technologies like Big Data and 3D printing are expected to accelerate growth. Big Data is expected to provide tremendous insights to clinicians to be able to predict iron deficiencies in the near future. with various medical wearable technologies, this is already an important dynamic shift in the medical sector. Additionally, 3D printing is also expected to cater to patients with more effectiveness with the advent of personalised medicine. The appropriate dosage for elderly patients can be the difference between a life-saving dose and an ordinary one. The growth of personalised medicine is also strongly encouraged by entities like Medicaid which govern the reimbursement scenario. Personalised medicine can also save tremendous costs potentially with appropriate dosage and packaging. The influx of digital starups in the medical sector, growth of information related to iron deficiencies, and removal of its discussion as a taboo are expected to drive growth of the global intravenous iron drugs market.