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Emergence of Digital Technology to Drive Global Intelligent Pigging Services Market

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Published on : Jun 12, 2020

In pipeline transportation, pigging refers to the practice of utilization of devices known as scrapers or pigs to perform various tasks of maintenance operations. This can be done without disrupting the product flow in the pipeline. These devices are called pigs as they clean or scrape just like a normal pig. These operations comprise but are not limited to inspection and cleaning of the pipeline. The global intelligent pigging services market is estimated to be influenced by the expansion of the oil and gas industry.

Whilst many of the industrial process applications make use of pigging, it is also utilized in utility industries, such as water and oil and gas industries. Intelligent pigging refers to a technique of  pipeline inspection by making utilization of digital technology to comprehend their condition. It is used extensively to gather significant data, such as the location and presence of corrosion or various other irregularities on the inner walls of the pipe.

Some of the important market vendors that have been profiled in the global intelligent pigging services market comprise names like Onstream Pipeline Inspection, Rouge Pipeline & Process Services, A.Hak Industrial Services, Dacon Inspection Services, T. D. Williamson, Inc., and Enduro Pipeline Services.
Driven by Rapid Infrastructural Development, North America to Lead the Market
The global intelligent pigging services market has been divided into five major geographies. These regional segments comprise North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Region-based segmentations offer an elaborate understanding of the market in various parts of the world.

North America is estimated to account for a sizeable chunk of the global intelligent pigging services market due to the presence of several leading players together with longest network of pipelines. The intelligent pigging services market in North America is also likely to be driven by improvement of the energy infrastructure and rapid expansion of the oil exploration activities.

Need for efficient transportation for moving petroleum products from the site of production to storage units is likely to increase the demand for intelligent pigging services in North America. Furthermore, government initiatives together with developments in the US infrastructures are likely to will further propel the growth of the intelligent pigging services market in years to come.

The intelligent pigging services market in Europe is further anticipated to expand moderately. The growth of the market in Europe is ascribed to the rise in adoption and use of these pigging services across several applications.

Furthermore, the intelligent pigging services market in Asia Pacific is prophesized to grow at high growth rate due to rapid urbanization and augmented government regulations in the region. These factors, along with increasing number of international ties for the transfer of oil and gas resources are prophesized to trigger the growth rate of Asia Pacific intelligent pigging services market.

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Increased Demand for Oil and Gas Worldwide to Open up Avenues of Growth for the Market

The global intelligent pigging services market is likely to be influenced by the expansion of pipeline network for the transportation of oil and gas from one place to another. High demand for oil and gas across the globe is likely to emerge as another growth factor for the global intelligent pigging services market. These pipelines need constant inspection so as to facilitate efficacious operations and functions.

Smart pigs perform tasks of advanced inspection and garner data regarding temperature, bends, diameter, and pipeline curvature. Arrangement of techniques of non-destructive examination such as magnetic flux leakage testing so as to inspect for loss of metal, weld anomalies, pitting, and hydrogen induced cracking are further likely to trigger development of the global intelligent pigging services market over the period of projection. Oil and gas pipelines come across several issues such as wax deposition, corrosion that is likely to lead to mishaps and affect the smooth functioning of pipelines. This factor is likely to offer ample scope of growth for the The global intelligent pigging services market in the years to come.