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Booming Power Sector Triggers Growth in Global Intelligent Control Valve Market

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Published on : Jan 10, 2017

ALBANY, NY, Jan 10, 2017: The report presents historical data and current figures and uses it to forecast the market’s growth prospects. Major stimulants in the global intelligent control valve market are the swift pace of expansion in the oil and gas industry, a booming power sector, and the burgeoning automotive industry. The intelligent control valves with added embedded sensors is more efficient as they automatically start and stop functioning by gauging the requirements. The report provides a qualitative analysis of the major trends prevailing in the market. To do so, it furnishes an overview of the intelligent control valve and discusses its scope right at the outset.

Having shed light on the product and its scope, the report goes on to segment the market depending upon different parameters and analyzes each segment in details. Based on product types, for example, it categorizes the market into pneumatic control valve, electric control valve, and hydraulic control valve. It offers important facts and figures on each segment that includes sales and revenue figures, an estimate of their market size in different, and their growth prospects. The report also segments the market based on end users into electrical power, oil and gas, water and waste water, automotive, and mining, among others. The report takes up each segment and compares its revenues with others to calculate its market share. At present, the power generation sector leads the market with maximum revenue raked in.

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Depending upon regions, the report again the segments the market into Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Japan, China, and India. The report details the production, consumption, sales and revenue, market share, and the possible growth trajectory of intelligent control valves market in these regions. Asia Pacific is one of the leading regional markets for intelligent control valves at present and going forward too, it is likely to expand rapidly to clock maximum growth.

The report casts light on the key raw materials used in the manufacture of intelligent control valves and discusses their prices and availability. It attempts to arrive at the cost of manufacturing by factoring in the prices of raw materials and labor, among others. It delves into the various direct and indirect marketing channels and provides a list of distributers and traders. The report also outlines recent technological advances in the industry and the threat that it faces from substitutes. 

A thorough assessment of the present vendor landscape has been presented in the report. Besides profiling the leading players operating in the market, it also offers a lowdown on their strengths and weaknesses. Some such players listed in the report are Dorman, Bosch, JTEKT, HOWE, Cardone, and Voss.

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