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Global Inspection Drones Market is Boosted by Expansion of Construction Industries

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Published on : Dec 05, 2019

Global inspection drones market is likely to exhibit substantial growth over the period of forecast owing to increased government employment of drones for various purposes of inspection. Inspection drones are used for supervising pipelines, spraying of pesticides in agricultural lands, border surveillance, disaster relief, and wildfire. Multiples use of drones for inspection purposes are expected to support growth of the global inspection drones market.  

Like global positioning system (GPS) and the internet, drones have come long way and have evolved beyond the scope of military applications to come up as a useful business tool. Drones have already made a giant leap toward consumer market and now they are making foray into civil government and commercial applications, from farming to disaster relief. 

The global inspection drones market has been segmented on the basis of component, sales channel, end use, and application. MIR Innovation, MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology, 3D Robotics Inc., AeroVironment Inc., SZ DJI Technology Co. Ltd, and Delair Aerial Intelligence are some of renowned companies that are found in the global inspection drones market.

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Growing Utilization of Drones to Perform Hazardous Jobs Accentuate Demand

For long, drones have been utilized in the defense sector for inspection purposes. Inspection drones are used for border security purposes. In addition, inspection drones find extensive use in infrastructural and construction industries, which supports growth of the global inspection drones market substantially. Construction of important structures like bridges, flyovers in urban areas need inspections to prevent accidents of any kind from time to time as mandated by regulatory bodies in various countries. Bridges and other such structures are inspected for rust, cracks and other damages that could lead to collapse or any other accident.

In addition to that, inspection drones can reach many pain points i.e. the areas that are difficult to reach within the survey and inspection space. Drones have emerged as a savior in case of inspection of critical infrastructure. The data on work-related injuries and fatalities are quite disturbing, for example in the U.K. on an average nearly 25% of injuries that take place in work space are related to falls from heights. Such fatalities and injuries can be reduced with the utilization of inspection drones. Factors such as this offer copious growth opportunities for the global inspection drones market.
Furthermore, professional drones that are used today are cost effective, agile and can accomplish tasks that are hazardous for humans. As such, the brand new patterns of drone-based inspections are safe alternative solutions for dangerous jobs like keeping a watch of high structures. Opening up of such new avenues are likely to boost global inspection drones market over the forecast period.

North America Holds Sizable Share of the Market due to Early Adoption of such Technologies

For the purpose of analysis, the global inspection drones market is classified into the principal regions of Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America, and Asia Pacific.

North America is likely to account for lion’s share of the global inspection drone market over the assessment tenure. Early adoption of inspection of drones coupled with extensive use in the region is expected to boost the market in the region. Apart from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific each are likely to hold substantial shares of the market in times to come.

The lucrativeness of the Asia Pacific market lies in the rapid growth of the construction sector. Development of infrastructure includes building bridges, highways, railway tracks, and roads. Inspection drones find wide use in such constructions, which drives the market.