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Published on : Jul 15, 2016

ALBANY, New York, July 15, 2016: During the past two decades, the evolution of the internet has redefined many B2C industries such as financial services, retail, and media. The evolution of the internet has also benefitted individuals, groups, companies, social causes, and politics by minimizing physical barriers. In the foreseeable decade, the IoT (Internet of Things) revolution is expected to change many industrial sectors including transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and others. The Internet is predicted to alter the thought process of people regarding the communication process between machines and humans. The advent of Big Data has further favored many industries operating globally. The internet-powered technology has been innovating industrial operations, find a newly added report on the industrial internet by ResearchMoz.us to its repository.

The report, titled ‘The Industrial Internet,’ highlights the occurrence of the industrial internet. The research analyzes major impacts of the adoption of the Internet of Things on the end products and industrial assets. The industrial Internet of Things, a new trend in technological changes, has already created many unprecedented growth opportunities. It is predicted to create an ability of directly controlling all physical aspects of industries including the assets, factories, machines, and the infrastructure. The report’s authors predict that the industrial Internet of Things is transformative as it has the capacity to entirely change the competitive scenario, redevelop the industrial boundaries, and create a fresh wave change for the companies. 

However, the report also focuses on a few challenging factors that the industrial internet will face in the next five years. Organizations are still struggling to recognize the effects of the industrial internet of things on their industries and businesses. The report studies major benefits of the industrial internet including operational efficiency, new connected ecosystems, and the arrival of software-driven services. With an increasing adoption of the industrial internet, businesses are expected to shift their focus from products to various outcome-based solutions.

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By analyzing the advantages of the industrial internet, the analysts also measure the possible challenges and risks. Governments and businesses will have to tackle the risks of data privacy and security. Considering the rising exposure to attacks and data breaches, organizations and governments are expected to take more efforts in improving data sharing procedures. Lack of interoperability between already existing systems will increase the cost of and complexity in deploying industrial internet. Lack of information governance rules and uncertain ROI on new technologies will be the other barriers, predict the analysts. 

The Internet of Things has been adding value to the industrial enterprise in many ways. In the recent past, industrial firms have been reporting many benefits of IoT such as equipment efficiency, positive customer experiences, and better market agility. By observing the way IoT has transformed every phase of daily life, industries plan to operate as per the changing pace of internet of everything. 

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