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Industrial Construction Projects in Asia Pacific Boosted by High Regional Demand for Aluminum, Steel, and Cement

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Published on : Dec 01, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Dec 01, 2016: The report revolves around the dynamics pertaining to the rate and nature of construction projects undertaken in the industrial sector. Users of this report are offered a descriptive insight into the Asia Pacific industrial construction projects in terms of key drivers and restraints, player activity, and market forecasts. The report also includes an analysis of current trends and the ration of participation by each key player according to the products and services they offer in each key country.

As per the report, the overall pipeline value of the Asia Pacific industrial construction projects till now has reach US$1.1 trillion. India holds the leading portion of pipeline value among all Asia Pacific industrial construction projects, a massive US$460.6 bn. India holds the lion’s share in Asia Pacific industrial construction project values, compared to China in second place at US$181.0 bn. Nearly US250.2 bn of the total value of industrial construction projects in India is being taken up by metal and material production plants projects.

The average value of each project runs at US$604.0 bn. metal and material production plant construction projects have so far been the dominant of the various types of construction projects studied in this report. They rack up close to 36% of the total market value, or US$400.6 bn. This is a direct indicator of the massive scale at which Asia Pacific countries are focusing on the manufacture of cement, steel, and aluminum.

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The introductory passages of the report deal with the review of each key region and sector associated with the current Asia Pacific industrial construction projects being studied and the type of structures being raised. The report also explains the competitive landscape of this industry by mentioning the key operators in each region, the available consultant engineers, and the number of project owners. The report also dissects each of the 11 countries mentioned according to the ten leading industrial construction projects being undertaken.

The report highlights key investment information pertaining to the Asia Pacific industrial construction projects based on proprietary intelligence collection methods. Eleven countries have been studied for this report, which include a total of more than 1,800 construction projects that are in various pipeline stages, including development phase and execution announcement. To completely capture the scope of Asia Pacific industrial construction projects, the report include the five top industrial categories dominant in this region: metal and material production plants, metal and material processing plants, manufacturing plants, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, and a collective of minor projects within the industrial sector.

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