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India the Next Investment Hub in APAC Power Equipment Sector

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Published on : Feb 23, 2016

Albany, New York, February 23, 2016: ResearchMoz.us contains a large bank of market intelligence on the global ICT industry. One of the latest reports on this industry is titled “Indian Power Equipment Sector - APACs Upcoming Investment Hub” The report lets its users gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape of the power equipment market in India. The report thus projects the market forecast based on the recent drivers, restraints, and trends that are influencing this industry.

As given in the report, an estimate was released by the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council, which states that the manufacturing sector of India will provide nearly 25.0% of the nation’s GDP before the end of 2025. A large segment of this contribution will come from the manufacture of electrical equipment.

The report also includes citations that show that an FDI allowance of 100% into the sector of electrical machinery will propel the investments portfolio from within the nation as well as from international sources. This could significantly increase the revenue generated by the industry in the near future. Another benefit gained from it is the speeding up of research and development activities. This will further increase the level of activity in the India electrical machinery sector, further allowing it to progress towards making the country a key manufacturing hub.

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The report also states that by 2014, the India electrical equipment market had already reached US$25.6 bn, which was a share of nearly 7.0% in the market.

The report also provides insights into the India electrical equipment market from the perspective of the relevant global markets. For instance, the global power equipment market itself is currently experiencing steady growth owing to a rapid increase in the manufacturing rates of developing economies in the past five years. These economies include China and India, two nations that have displayed strong economic progress in recent years.

Furthermore, as new and evolving research methodologies are being employed in the India electrical equipment market, the industry can start to show better development rates at the cost of being more capital-intensive. The global power industry is estimated to reach US$457.0 bn by 2019. It was recorded at US$342.0 bn in 2014.

The report is prepared for players to pinpoint areas in the India electrical equipment market where they can gain opportunities for better growth prospects. The manufacturers of power equipment in India, along with the international players, can therefore access this data in order to take advantage of the upcoming events in the manufacturing industries.

The report also explains the methods of the top manufacturing companies in the India electrical equipment market. They are described in terms of a holistic player profile. These players are BHEL, Larsen & Toubro, Siemens AG, GE, and Schneider Electric.

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