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India Tourism Source Market - Burgeoning Middle Class Populations Willing to Splurge in Costly Destinations bodes well for Market

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Published on : Dec 05, 2017

ALBANY, New York, December 04, 2017: ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a report, titled “Tourism Source Market Insights: India.” The comprehensive report on the India outbound tourism industry offers in-depth insights into the current market status, traveler profiles, their spending patterns, regulatory framework affecting key destination markets, and emerging prospects in the coming years. The study offers an elaborate and granular analysis of key drivers and restraining factors, various trends likely to open potential opportunities, and competitive dynamics. The various risks of regulatory and changes in macroeconomic environments and their implications are analyzed in the study. The report takes a closer look at key spending patterns to decipher prominent patterns expected to shape future opportunities in the India outbound tourism market. 

A burgeoning middle class and the staggering rise of disposable incomes are prominent developmental factors boosting the India outbound tourism industry. These developments have also led to favorable psychographic shifts in recent years. The vast strides made by the travel and tourism industry in general is a key factor driving the growth of the market. Furthermore, the substantially rising international tourism expenditures and improving air connectivity with neighboring countries in Asia Pacific are key factors fueling the growth of the industry.  

The vast investments made by businesses on foreign trips and the marked share of women travelers are trends notably boosting the outbound tourism market in India. The rise in number of artists in the film and entertainment industry in India travelling to European countries is significantly adding to the swelling outbound population. The number of outbound trips was estimated at 23 million in 2016. However, that accounts for an insignificant share of the total country population. This is expected to present lucrative avenues for players in the travels and tourism industry in the country.  

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The rapidly rising urban middle class who are willing to take families to neighboring countries for vacation, coupled with aggressive marketing by travel and tours agencies, has contributed to the growth of the market in recent years. The constant rise in high net worth individual (HNI) willing to splurge in costly destinations is a notable factor accentuating the growth of the market. The growing profitability of airlines industry has led to a marked reduction of cost in air travels, which bodes well for the India outbound tourism industry to an extent. The aggressive marketing strategies adopted by various national trade organizations also reflects positively on the growing number of outbound tourists. 

In recent decades, the easing of visa restriction in a number of prominent tourist destination countries, including Philippines, Canada, Indonesia, Mauritius, Kenya, and Taiwan has positively impacted the number of outbound tourists. A number of families whose relatives are currently residing in neighboring nations of Asia for the primary purpose of employment are benefitting from these easing of visa norms. This is expected to further catalyze the growth of the market. 

The recent demonetization scheme implemented passionately by policy makers in India and the Goods and Services Tax regime are recent developments likely to impede the growth of the market to some extent for the next few years. However, recent efforts to integrate Indian economy with the rest of the key economies of the world is a crucial factor likely to unlock exciting avenues in the market. In addition, several marked psychographic shifts in the mindset of middle class families will also positively affect the growth of the market. 

The significantly rising budgets of tourist destination regions also augurs well for the industry. Furthermore, the rise in number of inexpensive direct flights to several prominent tourist destinations is a significant factor expected to accentuate the market in the coming years. 

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