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Lack of Approved Animal Therapies Drives Market for Human Drugs for Veterinary Use

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Published on : Jun 21, 2016

ALBANY, New York, June 21, 2016: A new market research report, titled “Human Drugs For Veterinary Use - Current Trends and Future Commercial Prospects for Crossover Drugs,” has been featured on ResearchMoz.us. The report covers the developments and prospects for human drugs applied for veterinary use. Human drugs for veterinary use, also termed as crossover drugs, are widely being used on animals due to a lack of approved animal therapies. The rising cost of veterinary research is also aiding the market for human drugs for veterinary use.

The report provides an insight into extra-label drug use (ELDU). The application of ELDU in the veterinary setting is also included. The report includes several case studies that delve into the rationale behind the transition of human drugs to veterinary setting. The disease overview, cost of therapy, competing treatments, dosage forms, manufacturer information, and other marketing information have been covered in the market.

According to the report, a diverse range of human drugs are being used on companion animals such as cats, dogs, and horses. The report identifies emerging companies marketing various crossover drugs for different therapy areas. The report answers key questions related to the human drugs for veterinary use market including the regulations necessary to be followed when prescribing human drugs to food producing animals and pet animals. The difference in indication between human and veterinary settings, the dosage of drugs and their side effects in animals, and the factors restricting the crossover drugs market have been given in detail. 

Click here to get more info with TOC in a PDF Format: https://www.researchmoz.us/enquiry.php?type=S&repid=731144

The report studies the most common human drugs that are prescribed for companion animals and also takes into consideration any prevailing and approved veterinary treatments for the same indication. The reasons for the preference of human drugs over an approved animal drug are also given in the report. The study explores the recent developments and financial performance of crossover drug brands. It also notes the number of species that are supported through the animal health product portfolio. 

The report includes key marketed drugs for chemotherapy in dogs and cats such as Methimazole, Amlodipine, Sildenafil, Bethanechol, Phenobarbital, Acetaminophen, Hydroxyzine, Humulin N, Pentoxifylline, and Levothyroxine.

The key animal health companies with prominent crossover drug portfolios are studied and the tactics used by these companies to manufacture and market crossover drugs are also included. The report assesses the future trends in the veterinary market and predictions for what the future holds for the human drugs for veterinary use market. The evolving marketing models and the future treatment landscapes of the human drugs for veterinary use market have been given. 

The key companies operating in the crossover drugs market such as Zoetis, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Merck/MSD Animal Health, Elanco (Eli Lilly), and Merial (Sanofi) are studied in detail. A detailed study of the key players will help interested readers and enterprises to make smart and informed decisions regarding investments in the market. 

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