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Human Biobanking Technologies Fuelled by Popularity of RFID Tagging, Forecasts 2014-2020

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Published on : May 18, 2016

ALBANY, New York, May 18, 2016: According to the research report, the global human biobanking technologies market is currently dominated by a collective segment of dry state storing and radio-frequency identification (RFID) tagging. This group of applications holds a share of nearly 55% in the global human biobanking technologies market, therefore being a prime cause of market trends and the current market growth rate.

The report’s introductory passage includes the basic elements within the global human biobanking technologies market, such as biorepositories, biospecimen security and storage, the procedure of storage of a sample inside a biobank, and the classification of the different types of biobanks.

The introduction also includes a brief discussion on the evolution of biobanks in a generalized sense. Apart from that, the report delves into the functional and technical requirements of establishing a biobank while taking into consideration its capacities and requirements. After that, the report discusses the various operations of a biorepository, such as the accreditation process and the importance of synthetic data in the analysis of biobanking. The introduction ends with a set of benefits that come from the proliferation of the global human biobanking technologies market.

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The report also explains the use of biospecimens in the field of cancer research, in terms of the dissemination, retrieval, storage, processing, and collection. It then moves on to the legacy plan for biospecimens, stating that the biospecimens collected decades ago can become the source of breakthrough research today.

The global human biobanking technologies market and the current approach to creating and running a biospecimen management system is also explained. In this segment, the report’s analysts talk of several approaches and their advantages and disadvantages. These include the isolation of stomach cell population using LCM, the benefits and conclusions of the BPV program, the perfect storage environment for biospecimens, RNA quality and the effect that ex-vivo ischemia can have on it, and the physical and biological aspects of low temperature storage.

The report also provides details on the storage procedures in a segmented manner, according to the type of biospecimen. This includes biospecimens such as purified nucleic acids and proteins, cryo-preserved cells, and tissues.

The report discusses in detail the effect that transportation can have on mononuclear cells, along with the cost of malfunction and external storage. Other aspects of the global human biobanking technologies market described in the report include the principles of the market and the groundbreaking technologies that have so far been developed in this market.

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