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Published on : Apr 03, 2017

Albany, New York, April 03, 2017: The market study presents a high-level analysis of the progression of the global horticultural LED lighting market for the 2016-2022. This includes insights into vital market indicators, growth trends, and product developments that are expected to influence the market’s progression over the forecast period.

Today, LED lighting is used to stimulate plant growth as much as by 40%. Horticultural research has concluded that radiations at narrow spectral bands is best-suited for chlorophyll absorption in plants, which in turn, drives photosynthesis critical for plant growth.

The use of newer energy efficient LEDs is the green replacement to standard horticultural lighting. They can drastically reduce energy consumption using targeted lighting at 450, 660, and 730 nanometers while stimulating plant growth significantly at the same time. LEDs provide the ideal lighting that is needed for plants and flowers and allows the grower to alter the light intensity as per the needs of various crops. 

LEDs for horticultural lighting offer flexibility to growers in terms of small form factor, long life, and high efficiency. Also, LEDs are dimmable and controllable that can be switched on instantly and can easily be put in cycles in order to foster healthy plant growth.

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The report studies the global horticultural LED lighting on the basis of product type, application, and region. In terms of product type, visible light, far-red light, and ultraviolet light are the segments of the market. On the basis of application, the market is segmented into commercial greenhouse and indoor and vertical farming.

The report studies the global horticultural LED lighting across six geographical regions, namely North America, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan, and India. Each of the regions is analyzed with respect to consumption of LED lighting and revenue contribution to the global market between 2016 and 2022.

The report studies the competitive landscape of the global horticultural LED market at length. Top players in the market are mentioned and are profiled for their key distinguishing attributes. Cree, Heliospectra, Illumitex, Lemnis Oreon, OSRAM SYLVANIA, Fluence Bioengineering, Hubbell Lighting, Kessil Lighting, LumiGrow, and Smart Grow Technologies are the top companies that operate in the global horticultural LED market.

The report is a veritable tool for various stakeholders in the market. Analysts reached out to proprietary databases of industry-centric bodies for data collection and data scrutiny. Extensive interviews were carried out with industry experts for their insightful inputs about the progression of the market over the forecast period. The report analysis can help stakeholders devise strategic moves for growth.

In addition, the report presents answers to several questions that are pertinent to understand developments in the horticultural LED lighting market. 

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