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Global Home Medical Equipment Market to Grow as Medical Practitioners Focus on Homecare Routines in Patients

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Published on : Feb 18, 2021

The global demand for home medical equipment is rising on account of advancements in the field of medical analysis and treatment. The healthcare industry is making deliberate efforts to ensure optimal utilization of available resources for improved patient care. Several healthcare experts believe that effective medical treatments are a function of the combined synergies of doctors, medical reps, individuals, and medical infrastructure. In rare cases, patients are required to combine the utility served by hospital equipment and home medical aids to ensure speedy recovery. Recovery of several patients depends on the level of care they receive in the confines of their houses. Therefore, the demand within the global home medical equipment is set to increase in the times to follow. 

This review is based a report added by ResearchMoz’s on the global home medical equipment market. The leading vendors operating this market are looking at capitalising on the unmet needs in the current scenario of industry disruptions. Some of the notable players operating in the global home medical equipment market are Omron, Abbott Laboratories, Roche, B Braun, Panasonic, Baxter, Smith and Nephew, and General Electric. 

Home Medical Equipment as a Necessity for Geriatric Population

A wide range of products and aids fall into the category of home medical equipment, and each of these are extensively marketed by the medical industry. The geriatric population is more inclined to the use of home medical equipment, mostly because of their inability to frequently visit healthcare facilities and hospitals. In addition to this, use of home medical equipment by people suffering from chronic diseases who require continuous monitoring of their health is also a recurring trend. In the contemporary times, wheelchairs and specialized beds are the most widely used home medical equipment. The relevance of wheelchairs for handicapped or aged individuals cannot be undermined. Moreover, home medical equipment is also required by patients in the post-operative phase of treatment. 

Growing Incidence of Chronic Diseases

Rising incidence of diabetes and pulmonary diseases has generated humongous opportunities for growth within the global home medical equipment market. People suffering from lung diseases and disorders need inhalers. Furthermore, the growing demand for drug delivery devices such as nebulizers has also increased in recent times. Several patients are in dire need for nebulizers that can facilitate safe and seamless drug delivery. In addition to this, nasal cannula is also an important home medical equipment that is used by patients suffering from breathing disorders. The medical fraternity is paying immense attention toward wider availability of home medical equipment. This shall ensure faster recovery periods for patients who have undergone critical surgeries or treatment lines. 

Outbreak of Covid-19 across the World

The outbreak of Covid-19 across several regions and territories shall give an impetus to the growth of the global home medical equipment market. As medical practitioners focus on self-care routines for better management of covid-19, the demand for breathing aids and other important equipment has increased. As the world unites to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, the vendors operating in the global home medical equipment market shall tread along a lucrative pathway. 

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In the contemporary times, there is immense demand for medical equipment and devices that can be easily handled by patients in the confines of their home. The growing focus on prosthetic surgeries and treatments has brought artificial limbs under the spotlight of focus. Moreover, the relevance of crutches for people who with amputated legs is an important dynamic of market growth. Over the next decade, the total volume of revenues within the global home medical equipment market should touch unprecedented heights. Catheters have also emerged as important medical devices.