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HNW Offshore Investment on the Rise Through Improved Investment Options

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Published on : May 29, 2017

Albany, New York, May 29, 2017: TThe intention of creating this report is to help readers gain a better understanding of how they can enhance their offshore propositions to the best of their limits. The report also offers the readers a way to review their offerings and modify them based on their target investors and offshore investment preferences. The report also provides its users with optimal marketing strategies thereby giving them an edge over their competitors in order to consolidate their client pool.

According to the report, the rate of HNW offshore investment is increasing at a steady rate. Globally, an estimated 18.7% of the wealth of high net worth individuals is currently invested outside of their residence country. Nearly one quarter of the total HNW offshore investments have been cited under reasons such as regional diversification, which is currently one of the most compelling factor driving the overall scope of HNW offshore investments. This is being done to help mitigate risks while maintaining a developing market. HNW offshore investment for geographical diversification also helps mature economy investors globalize their portfolios and significantly improve their returns. The report also suggests that HNW offshore investments made under this aim often tend to be bond investments.

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The rate of HNW offshore investment is also improving due to the intention of HNWIs of gaining a wider spectrum of global investments. They may be looking for a broader variety of financial products to invest in, or they might want to be a part of the bias towards domestic market sector in developed markets. Another factor motivating HNW offshore investments is the complexity of the tax system in an HNWIs country of residence. High and complex tax systems are forcing them to look for offshore tax efficiency measures.

Other factors promoting HNW offshore investments include high market volatility in multiple parts of the world, the notable differences in wealth brackets, and regional differences.

The report is a successor to the 2016 report on the same topic which examined and compared the HNW offshore investments and investment preferences of HNWIs across 17 key jurisdictions. The report therefore provides and updated and detailed understanding of each of the key factors promoting offshore investments, and how investors seek new ways to safeguard or amplify their wealth. The report helps its readers identify the global trends that are currently promoting HNW offshore investments, as well as the ones that are likely to continue promoting it over the coming years.

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