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Global Hepatitis C Virus Market Boosted by Growing Prevalence: 2016 Edition

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Published on : Mar 28, 2016

ALBANY, New York, March 28, 2016 - ResearchMoz.us has added a new market intelligence report to its large repertoire on the pharmaceutical industry. The report is titled “Global Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Market Report: 2016 Edition” and provides users with the latest data on this market, keeping in perspective various grounds of classification, such as key trends and the competitive landscape.

HCV affects the human liver and creates high-level complications if it is not treated in time. HCV, after a certain time, can spread through the liver. One of the biggest challenges with HCV is that it is easily transferrable between patients through the use of medical equipment that are poorly sterilized or blood transfusions from an infected patient to the recipient. Special care needs to be taken in both scenarios in order to ensure that HCV does not spread beyond the person already infected. Another major challenge in treating HCV is the time it takes to diagnose a patient for it. This problem further complicates the above issues, as people may not get tested for HCV before they donate blood or are operated upon. By the time an infected person shows the signs and symptoms of being HCV positive, he or she may already have suffered major damage to the liver, which could even lead to complete liver failure.

The primary driver of the global hepatitis C virus market is the growing number of patients falling prey to it. Until 2010, there was no prominent treatment available for HCV. The situation changed after the introduction of Gilead’s Harvoni and Sovaldi, along with AbbVie’s Viekira Pak. The introduction of these drugs has steadily been improving the treatment scenario in the global HCV market. The market is further boosted by advancements in technology that are allowing for better blood screening procedures for the identification of HCV and other infections.

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Another factor driving the global HCV market is the increasing number of favorable reimbursement policies being implemented. Treatment of HCV can become a costly affair and the availability of reimbursement options has allowed a larger number of people to opt for advanced and effective treatment.

Other prominent factors promoting the growth of the global HCV market are the reduction in treatment time due to the introduction of improved treatments, the treatment of patients that were previously warehoused, and increasing competition, which is leading to lower treatment prices.

The key players in the global HCV market are Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, AbbVie, and Gilead Sciences. The report describes each top competitor through their business strategies, financial overview, and business overview.

The report thus offers an in-depth analysis of the global HCV market through information about the current competitive landscape as well as details of the research and development efforts that are being undertaken. Using a proprietary database, the report provides a deeper understanding of the multiple variables that influence the market and the impact that they may have on the market over the coming years.

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