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Alarming Rise in Deaths due to Liver Cancer and Cirrhosis to Encourage Acceptance of Hepatitis B Virus Treatments

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Published on : Nov 07, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Nov 07, 2016: The report is titled, “Global Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Market: 10-Year Demand Forecast (2016-2025).” The report offers an insight into the growth trajectory of the hepatitis B virus market along with the trends prevalent during the forecast period. The dynamics that are likely to positively or negatively impact the growth of the market have also been evaluated in the study. It further projects the volume and revenue growth of the market. The study also highlights the marketing strategies, products, and shares of the key players operating in the global hepatitis B virus market. 

The report opens by introducing the causes and symptoms of hepatitis B. It is a virus that directly affects the liver. The human body is affected by two types of hepatitis B viruses that can have a long or short term effect on the body. The long-term impact is known as chronic hepatitis B whereas the short-term impact is known as acute hepatitis B. The primary symptoms of hepatitis B include joint pain, dark urine, fever, and abdominal pain. According to clinical tests, being affected by chronic hepatitis B may have serious repercussions such as liver failure and cancer. 

The report states that governments in European countries and the United States have made it mandatory for people to undergo regular diagnosis in order to detect the early symptoms of hepatitis B through proper monitoring and screening. Although some curative therapies are available in the market, they are not efficient enough. However, it is expected that some innovative therapies that have displayed positive results during trials are likely to make an entry in the market. 

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According to the report, the primary factor driving the global hepatitis B virus market is the rise in deaths due to cirrhosis and liver cancer. The rising concerns regarding the conversion of hepatitis B to cancer have compelled consumers to adopt precautions and treatments for hepatitis B. Furthermore, mounting geriatric population and a rise in healthcare expenditure in developing regions are expected to bode well for the hepatitis B virus market over the next couple of years. Growing urbanization is another factor that is likely to enhance the deployment of advanced screening and monitoring procedures. 

The prominent market trends mentioned in the report include the rising requirement for biomarker-based tests, the growth in public awareness and government initiatives, and the development of new hepatitis B virus treatments. However, sturdy competition, challenges related to management, the dearth of diagnostic facilities, strict regulations, and the high cost of medical care are anticipated to challenge the growth of the market. The leading companies operating in the hepatitis B virus market include Johnson and Johnson, Gilead, Arbutus Pharma, and Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals. 

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