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Global Healthcare Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) Systems Market Driven by Growing Awareness of Enhanced Safety Measures

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Published on : Jun 02, 2017

Albany, New York, June 02, 2017: The report is a detailed coverage of the current situation in the global healthcare hyperspectral imaging market as well as a projection for the same segments and statistics for the given forecast period. In order to calculate the size of this market, the report makes use of revenue generation streams from the sales of accessories and cameras for hyperspectral imaging in healthcare.

According to the report, the key factor propelling the global healthcare hyperspectral imaging market at the moment, is the increasing awareness of the benefits that HSI can bring to the fore, coupled with the overall regulatory cohesion that these devices can provide in terms of safety. HSI systems are also easier to use than conventional imaging systems, making them a solid choice in several healthcare industry scenarios.

The challenge that the global healthcare hyperspectral imaging market faces at the current moment is the high costs associated with the installation of these systems, along with the massive investments that are needed. The over lack of data about favorable ROI is keeping investors at bay, despite the significant advantages that the systems provide. Meanwhile, the global healthcare hyperspectral imaging market is following a positive trend currently, that of shifting operation focus from local technologies to cloud-based computing. This is expected to add a significant layer of positive growth to the overall global healthcare hyperspectral imaging market, and players are beginning to realize this at a very fast pace.

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The report provides a regional perspective on the global healthcare hyperspectral imaging market, by dissecting the market based on its key regions of the Americas, Asia Pacific, and the EMEA. Each region is described in its current standing as well as how they are likely to fare in the given forecast period.

HSI is was originated from remote sensing and has been created for numerous applications by the NASA. It provides the advantage of generating 2D images across a wide electromagnetic spectrum. HSI today has many applications in art conservation, vegetation, water resource control, archaeology, food quality, forensic medicine, crime scene detection, and forensic medicine. HSI systems are largely used in the defense sector, government agencies, and non-military application sectors such as agriculture and mineral.

The leading players in the global healthcare hyperspectral imaging market, at the moment, include Headwall Photonics, IMEC, Norsk Elektro Optikk, and Specim. The report provides immense details on these key players in terms of player profiles, business strategies implemented to date, and overall course of growth over the coming years. The report also provides data on the other prominent vendors in the global healthcare hyperspectral imaging market, such as Applied Spectral Imaging, ChemImage, Cubert, EVK DI Kerschhaggl, FluxData, Galileo Group, Gilden Photonics, Gooch & Housego, Merrick & Company, Resonon, and XIMEA.

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