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Global Healthcare Analytical Testing Services Market to Flourish on Account of Growing Investments in Developing Drugs

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Published on : Dec 08, 2017

ALBANY, New York, December 08, 2017: The global healthcare analytical testing services market is predicted to expand at a 10% CAGR during the forecast period from 2017 to 2021, states a new report that has been added by ResearchMoz.us. The report is titled,”Global Healthcare Analytical Testing Services Market 2017-2021.” The number of patients suffering from cancer is increasing day by day. This has led to the rise in production of drugs and has also led to the creation of newer drugs in order to reduce the burden on the ones that already exist. Reasons such as these have led to the rise in the need for supreme quality analytical services from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as these companies need to concentrate increasingly on the scientific aspects of drugs as well as their core competencies. To run smoothly, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are merging with vendors who offer analytical testing services that ensure that the product has no adverse impacts, and the manufacturing facilities don't breach any regulatory guidelines, said the lead analyst of the report.

As per this report, there is a rise in the investment for developing drugs and its commercialization, coupled with the need for cheaply priced biologics. Hence, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies merge with or begin outsourcing analytical testing services to those who agree to undertake the whole of the analytical testing process which includes storage, analysis of residual solvents, testing, and method validation. Due to the rise in demand for supreme quality products, dependence on quality procedures for analytical testing will go upwards too. Hence, the global healthcare analytical testing services market shall grow during the assessment period.

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The pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are making efforts to cut the costs along with the duration of the manufacturing process, resulting in the rise of outsourcing to CRO, the analytical testing services. Companies can keep control over retaining proprietary knowledge, utilize their resources for research and development, and the testing procedure with the help of this outsourcing. In the market today, CRO's have begun to offer a better range of services in lieu of the rising demand for the pharmaceutical companies to vacate the resources and lessen the investment. The outsourcing analysis that needs a high degree of technical knowledge or that require heavily priced tools and equipment can be cost-effective to a company as it can eliminate the employment of an expert in the field and the need to purchase capital intensive instrumentation.

Throughout the years, efficient analytical testing techniques have been created for chemical formulations which are used on a day to day basis. Yet, many new formulations are created in medicines with the help of advanced research. These new varieties of molecules or chemical conjugates aren't the simplest to understand. Cancer vaccines that are limited to a particular patient need to be approached in a different way. There might not be a direct way to test how potent the method is, hence many substitute test techniques are conducted in order to determine the potency. 

The global healthcare analytical testing services market is oligopolistic. Just a handful of vendors like Eurofins Scientific, Charles River Laboratories, Thermo Fishersher scientific, SGS, are financially strong. These companies have a large number of employees. These companies are more widely present around the globe in comparison to the other vendors available.

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